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  1. @Jesse jk pls don't hit me with the swift ban But really, HypeHypeHypeHypeHype
  2. But are corporal's able to ignore the cooldown if they are the one reviving and have the talent?
  3. Looks like you don't have the oil processing license. You can pick that up at the Oil Processor (*Not DMV!). (highlighted) And if I'm not mistaken, I believe the talent only works for running oil via the boat (as that's the only way to get rubber) but I could be mistaken; not sure owning the talent actually makes your vehicle gather faster. Perhaps @Azeh or even @Ron Johnson might know for sure.
  4. My favorite part is where @DankBud gets 1 tapped followed closely by @Mason being destroyed
  5. When are we getting a dislike button @Mason
  6. People have said this before, and usually got hit with Gnash's "every donation has a different reward, that's enough." locked thread. Yes, medical at rebel is great, however, it's also an incredible buff to rebels when it's active as you don't have to interact with a town at all. It's meant to be strong but it's also meant to be an "extra cherry on top." IMO, there would have to be setbacks if this was implemented permanently and not require Community Goals / 50k infamy. While a rework is potentially coming in the future where plates decrease your time rather than bail price, again, the devs need to put some nice things behind a paywall to entice people to donate. The things you listed are quite strong and likely reasons people donate via community goals. You kinda nitpicked at the better/juicier Community Goals and advocated they be implemented permanently, which, IMO (apart from extra talent points) would render community goals useless (ie: I'd rather spend money on crates or my personal donator level).
  7. What was your name when you were in DS?
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