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  1. Maybe you could leak them by accident?
  2. Why not make them do an apology video with face?
  3. Yep, they could go below 1 USD but if you exchange while they crash you can still earn on it if you buy back and hope for them to rise again But yes after all its mostly gambling
  4. Or have currency on a trusted exchange
  5. Got them when they were below 50 and just kept on to them for a while
  6. I know, If you start to see any kind of movement when the china exchanges go down i would sell because you end up with the same amount of fiat currency if you buy back and if they go up after that its all profit
  7. Was thinking about selling 4 or 5 and then hope to make a flip and see if they will go up afterwards
  8. Yea, there is gonna be some huge exchanges that will go down, but still after the BTC-E seizure they still kept going up so im keeping my hopes up but there is still a big chance for a huge crash
  9. Lets put the gun store in there too!
  10. Got mine at around 45 then kept a good amount since then sold a few at 4500
  11. i missed the 4900 tho
  12. Got a decent amount, was happy when they hit 4500
  13. The question is how many BTC do you have?
  14. can you wear the fatigues with carryall then?
  15. What about Y inventory? i know your can get a backpack with 94 slots but what if i want to go coveralls with 96. Impossible?