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  1. Yea, i told him instead of putting a picture in the page then to make a video instead explaning how the situation is and what is actually going on and how the money will be spent instead of a text and a picture about future payments idk. I think hes a plumber if i remember right so i think he got that under control. but he said he will make a vid and explain everything
  2. i put the $30 in there and is gonna donate more tomorrow or so
  3. Yea that is what i thought people would think. Personally im in a perfect spot if you think about economy because of the big boost of BTC But im just trying to help an old friend of mine out. If you dont feel like donating then dont, i just felt sad when he told me he had put up a gofundme, so i told him i would share it on forums and etc Also im the guy that put $30 in there, and planning to put in a bit more later on
  4. True, Im just trying to help a friend out, i dont know him IRL but i have been talking with him for a few years and it just kinda sad to see a friend having to send his dog away and have no place to stay or call home
  5. Hello asylum! Well this is probably gonna be a toxic topic but who cares I got a friend of mine who is in a bad place at the moment with economy and is staying with a friend of his and is forced to send his dog to another place to stay temporary until he can find a place to call home I promised him to share his go fund me, so if any of you feel like helping a young man to get a home then here you go! sorry for bad grammar. Im high as fuck
  6. Maybe you could leak them by accident?
  7. Why not make them do an apology video with face?
  8. Yep, they could go below 1 USD but if you exchange while they crash you can still earn on it if you buy back and hope for them to rise again But yes after all its mostly gambling
  9. Or have currency on a trusted exchange
  10. Got them when they were below 50 and just kept on to them for a while
  11. I know, If you start to see any kind of movement when the china exchanges go down i would sell because you end up with the same amount of fiat currency if you buy back and if they go up after that its all profit
  12. Was thinking about selling 4 or 5 and then hope to make a flip and see if they will go up afterwards
  13. Yea, there is gonna be some huge exchanges that will go down, but still after the BTC-E seizure they still kept going up so im keeping my hopes up but there is still a big chance for a huge crash
  14. Lets put the gun store in there too!
  15. Got mine at around 45 then kept a good amount since then sold a few at 4500