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  1. ......... sure.........
  2. ohhh love it lol defiantly hasn't causes any alcoholism at all lol
  3. posted there lol..... engineers
  4. lol is that austria village in gagetown? @Das Otter
  5. he told me he was going to ask me questions about america and if i got them right i would be freed lol
  6. Your name :Isper Hit's Name : Salty Syrian Whats his role : Wantabe drift king How old is he : fuck knows How much are you willing to pay : 10k ... hope you can drive fast... Where does he mostly hangout in : Making a drift montage on the highway on Server 2
  7. Your name :Isper Hit's Name : Monkeyz Whats his role : potato How old is he : old enough How much are you willing to pay : 2k ... he will probably end up killing himself trying to get away Where does he mostly hangout in : Roto, P2
  8. still waiting on the war MwB promised....
  9. ill give you 50K for 100 flashbangs