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  1. Monkeysz

    Gang wars

    Its already detected (Been detected a month)
  2. Yeah learn to aim you bot you didnt hit him in the head
  3. You do know you have to pull your mouse down to reduce recoil?!?!?!
  4. I agree with the orcas and ifrits but Quilins aren`t too op they are just too cheap removing quilins would be a mistake Olympus fights have died since they are removed people can actually aim now so driving a hatch/suv is certain death you actually need fingers to kill quilins not just spray at a hatch/suv as its a guaranteed kill That cartel idea is somewhat good but could be broken as large gangs will have no problem holding it 24/7 I agree with more money from banks but the money from a fed isnt too bad to be honest I dont think vans should be removed as they are pure paper
  5. I know a lot of people are going to say why are you trying to make it Olympus as a lot of the suggestions are similar to what they have but I`m not, the suggestions are to give the players new things to try Suggestions can be placed in the server as a trial basis and you can do a community vote if the vote gets over 60% yes/no then it either stays or goes 50/50 is too unfair to remove as it might fuck people off kinda like brexit -Add the Type 115 -Add the new p90 style gun (dont actually know what its called) -Remove unnecessary scrollwheel features (gathering seatbelt et
  6. Thats nothing hahaha
  7. They despawn on asylum unlike Olympus so this is irrelevant + removing them take out loads of cover for different spots it would somewhat ruin fights we are not fighting in 2016/17 fights nowadays would die without them it has happened on Olympus
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Calluum/
  9. I will fly another orca in to you
  10. Had some great times with The FSA boys well shit wasn’t expecting this... GOD WILLS IT 7o
  11. A year ago I would have donated $1000 for this Feels Bad
  12. So many Ifrits the vesting may have to make a return
  13. I understand people use pull downs but people like myself have 5k+ hours if I/we didn’t know how to control recoil I/we probably should have quit a few thousand hours ago
  14. Well all Im saying is a few storms maybe brewing for a few people
  15. $9 damn I can get a blow job for 5
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