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  1. caring about arma halfway through 2022 btw
  2. @FudgeRworst player in the fucking world why would you even post this garbage when are we getting hibachi or some shit my boy
  3. who doesnt like the N word? ah forum wars, just what I like to see. glad gang life is still thriving
  4. guy thinks hes the best he might be
  5. Packed, stacked and smacked
  6. He's not just my rep, hes OUR REP #AlecforOwner
  7. drive down the road with a combine and mince the deer into sunday brunch. Simple problems require simple solutions.
  8. yeah I can, its gonna be called Void OG btw @Trapstar2121 theres absolutely no way U didnt know I had a gang named void for 4 YEARS but you do you
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