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  1. im ready for the interview on ts just tell me when to go on . u told me 2 play until I have enough time in the server . im on the blacklist cus I did a mistake while making my app .

  2. I have a screenshot that shows every thing

  3. hey i need 2 talk to u about the blacklist bro it was a writing mistake

  4. how can I speak with u?? about the blacklist ?

    1. KILLERQ88


      could u send me the link 2 the ts please

  5. What is your in-game name?

    ~KILLERQ88 .

    What is your player ID (Go into Arma at the title screen Configure->Profile)?

    ~76561198156062295 .

    Have you submitted an app before? Please link them:

    ~no .

    Have you been banned in Asylum before?

    ~no .

    What is your age ? (If under 18, please provide date of birth): 

    ~24/6/1998 im 18 years old .

    Please tell us about yourself (Hobbies, Work,School,Anything!):

    ~my name is Aziz but my friends call me Alex I like playing the piano and violin .

  6. Why did I get denied ? what should I do ? I already followed the format .

    1. Norwegianviking


      No you did not, copy paste that format and fill it out please