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  1. Sorry, cops needs to stay out of Kavala, Pyrgos, and Athira now, rebels consistently frequent these areas to rob and buy supplies.
  2. Cops risk losing their load out alot... Even if its cheaper they're programmed to lose most fights. I cant even comprehend the lack of thought put into what you're saying here to be perfectly honest... My load out costs 15k, I lose on average say 5 per shift if I dont just rush a bank/fed/prison/whatever. Say I manage to nab 1-2 100k+ bounties that are then spread between everyone netting around 60k each (assuming we don't reduce their tickets), hell maybe they had drugs and I get a bonus 20k. Yeah made 5k, totally making bank.
  3. Just remove jail then. make the server what it really is at this point. KOTH with voip
  4. What the hell is the point of jail if its 25 minutes lmao
  5. Value of life? Coming from rebels who jump out of moving cars so they dont go to jail? Fuck right off with that shit. It sounds more like you want a RP server not a cops and robbers server.
  6. Make it infinite, if someone wants to sit on the screen let them. Fuck it
  7. You want higher cap server learn how to RP
  8. If youre going to pay for 2 servers you going to need to be able to have them up at all times. No one wants to pay for a server thats not being used.
  9. Cops need to secure the bounty better. Its not surprise that a bounty hunter is going to try and steal the bounty, have an MX or PO7 really makes not difference to be honest. Its probably easier with a lower caliber weapon to be honest.
  10. This is far from new, been that way for ages. Its a phase theyll get over in a few weeks once they get bored of not bounty boosting. Nothing like forcing a legal faction to fight cops for no good reason
  11. Bring back the justice wagons ez solution. wheres my boy @Painbringa112 at
  12. Forcing a legal faction into fights with cops by making their gear illegal is so illogical it feels like Paratus came up with the idea.
  13. If youre still whitelisted just play cop tbh
  14. Like i said retard 0 life experience.
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