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  1. "Its VDM if it hits them then blows up" Glad you got your autistic gang mates to back you up lmao. Bro, I dont know many people who dont think youre the most retarded person on the servers. Id honesty never talk if I were you. There is actually a large difference between driving a car into a crowd and dropping a car from one click up. I can totally see a car driving up and failing to move could be seen as my fault, I however may not see a car falling from the sky if the pilot flew over from behind from a click up making it a total unknown which is why dropping a vehicle from a sling as a weapon is against the rules. Ultimately it doesnt matter, because anyways because no one takes anything that happens here seriously anyways. This server has turned into a cesspool of shit long ago and people will look for any reason to be a shitlord, so this being the new shitlord thing to do is nothing new.
  2. The rule is clear moron, don't drop cars as bombs using slings. The doesn't say "if you put a speed bomb on it, its ok to drop cars using slings" now does it? Its still dropping a fucking car using a fucking sling. The action is still the same, the result is still the same. Adding the speed bomb hardly changes the outcome of the car exploding because its being thrown from a sling. I swear to god the autism is real. If they wanted you to use armed helis and planes they would arm the helis and planes wouldn't they?
  3. Yea, you know back when it had 5 servers, had to spam in, a player base who cared about more than KOTH. Those were the days. I'm glad you have fun glorifying a single server that can hardly stay filled a good chunk of the time. I just wish my boy Mitch got it years ago and not now, he deserves much better than what this community is now.
  4. Except the rules clearly state its not.... Soooo there is that.
  5. Where in the rule does it say "attaching a speed bomb to the car makes it ok" just wondering.
  6. The president isn't the scientist or Dr, he is going by what Fauci, the CDC, WHO, or other doctors are saying. I'm sorry if you don't like that lol. Source please, I believe you are REALLY skewing what was said here if anything along those lines was even said. Who wears caps? I think you means masks and non medical masks are useless actually, even the CDC wont confirm they block the virus (their website says "may block the virus"), because they only block spit. As a trained biological agents expert in the Army I can tell you they don't block the virus, the virus is too small and passes right thru the materials. The majority of the masks are not even form fitting and allow all the spit they are supposed to block to flow around the sides, and the virus to pass right thru. But sure, continue to believe they are some how protecting you. The ONLY reason he wore one was because he was in the VA hospital to visit injured soldiers and the hospital has a policy that anyone who enters has to wear one (I know since I went to the VA ER a few days ago for a migraine and had to wear one). WHO and CDC have both confirmed that there have been 0 confirmed cases of asymptomatic transmission of the virus btw essentially meaning there is no reason to wear the mask to begin with. *shrug* Actually he ordered restrictions from China in January, before the CDC and WHO said to do so. This was before we knew it was in the US. Some democrats called him a racist and said he was acting too soon. Even late February democrats were saying that this travel restriction was unnecessary. Hes a reality tv star, hes been doing this for years, if you thought he was going to be someone different from who he was you are actually the mong. Trump allowed the states to handle the pandemic how they saw fit, the democratic states have failed big time, they've killed alot of people, instead of looking at it for what it is we blame Trump, because if you break it down and look it by the failing states you see that its failing democrats and we cant have that now can we? NY, NJ, CA have the most deaths by far, you know why? The governor of NY refused to use the Navy hospital ships and temporary hospitals Trump sent to help him and instead sent all the sick patients back to the nursing homes to infect all the healthy people who ended up being dying too. Buy I'm sure its Trumps fault for sending those resources he failed to use right? For the record I don't particularly care for Trump one way or another, but speaking out of your ass just to trash someone is stupid.
  7. If you're going to post propaganda pictures post them with context. They are only burying people on Hart Island if they bodies go unclaimed, they are not doing mass burials. Or Fauci, the CDC, and WHO saying "corona virus is nothing to worry about, we should focus our efforts on the upcoming flu season" Then corona exploding and everyone blaming the president.
  8. So just to be clear, the rule states "no bombing with a sling" and you're somehow trying to justify it by saying its a speedbomb? You understand that by calling it a bomb and also admitting that you are dropping it from a sling that you are essentially saying its against the rules right? On a real note, it should 100% be against the rules to drop a literal bomb on anyone without initiation.
  9. Paintballing is only allowed by captains.
  10. They make actual servers for that. Its actually kind of sad when people people choose to dumpster kids on a life server instead of going to a server meant specifically for PVP. This is the most egregious act in the APD didnt you know? Captains can run around RDM'ing people, combat seizing vehicles, all kinds of shit, but damned Billy if you joke around with a friend your APD career is over.
  11. I love how Leady says APD officers driving vehicles from the FED is against server rules so the captains create to rule allowing combat seizing. The is in direct opposition of server rules. Then in exactly the fashion you would expect defends the stupid fucking rule by saying "nah bro its cool, the captains would never abuse it because its going to be rare" Captains have been shitting on the rules for literally years, and everyone with the power to stop is just doesnt give a fuck. Its honestly comical at this point. Throw around some fancy words and sentences and people drink that shit up like coolaid. Im not sure if I should be impressed or disgusted at this point.
  12. In the 7 years I have been in the toxic community the only CMs that actually did anything were Bamf (at first) and Mitch. The others have been totally useless sacks of shit who were really "active" their first few weeks then poof shortly after *shrug* But hey they make really spiffy posts to make themselves appear useful
  13. If you catch someone with not time before restart it doesn't matter if you're good at time management or not, there is no time before restart. Learn not to be stupid please.
  14. Captains have to get caught accepting nudes to get in trouble, dont waste your time people.
  15. No, its because no one wants to do the FED, Prison, Bank every 12 fucking minutes against people who have superior weapons and are in entrenched positions. Fights can be fun every now and then, but believe it or not not everyone wants to play KOTH with you and the rest of your gang. I quite playing for 2 reasons, gangs cried about literally everything and when something got nerfed they bitch and cry until they get it back, and because everyone wanted to treat the server like its KOTH or wasteland. Everyone literally ignores RP unless there is some way to weasel a player report against a cop.
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