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  1. I got banned from a DayZRP server, apparently sniper on a roof top wasnt legit RP, who would have thought.
  2. The politics in this game have ran off more people than anything else
  3. Legal weapons would be more expensive buying them from a fence at rebel, logically they would be more expensive at rebel.
  4. Dont be a retard, jail time is already low as shit, making it lower makes no sense. If anything jail time needs to go up to push for more RP.
  5. Serious question, how can people bitch about RP then want no jail? Please just play wasteland or something.
  6. In real life a cop would have done a felony stop pretty similar to that actually...
  7. No one is forced to play on an RP server period. People want wasteland until they get caught then they wanna scream like children and get their way with everything
  8. This is why cops shouldnt have to RP either
  9. Neither does forcing cops to RP when no one else has too.
  10. Remove pardons for lethal and the ability to respawn until x amount of time and make medic useful. Make it so you cant go back to an area you just died at for a amount of time. Itll never happen, all those things foster RP.
  11. I mean, up until Identity Paratus was active and talked alot... js
  12. I did, and the cops wouldnt respond, the military would.
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