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  1. I cant even with you... If you dont want cry babies in the APD go ahead and just dewhitelist yourself and about 90% of the rest of them. BTW the most immature way possible was probably the retarded ass LTs who ran around RDMing everyone, but you know the captains had the common sense to promote that guy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, good luck in your fantasy world bud. Youre going to need it.
  2. Literally just posted a screen shot of him asking to be removed.... But you're right, I'm sure you have common sense.
  3. LOL, good one pal. He asked you to remove him for personal reasons. Then you posted on his app and acted like a straight up child.... Dont act like you did anyone a service by following thru with his request and acted like a tool lmao
  4. Being a SGT I have first hand knowledge that common sense is severely lacking in the APD. *looks at points for sending someone to jail without a ticket for harassment per APD guidebook requirements* Yall honestly crack me up.
  5. Huge active firefight in Kavala/Athira/Pyrgos, cops and crims running all over, people ducking behind/inside buildings, cops runs inside and restrains a guy. Boom he isnt a cop anymore because he isnt in coms with medics, has no idea he opened/unlocked a door, has no idea the house is/isnt owned, and the guy and his group are red. Cant wait to see all cops being removed for this shit.
  6. Entering an unlocked house where someone is shooting you from is a raid now? Might as well remove the entire APD, because Im 110% certain everyone has done that.
  7. Where does it state that a officer cant enter an unlocked house?
  8. Doesnt really make sense to be able to store this in a house...
  9. I think in reality this is what everyone is waiting for. Arma 3 is just stale, the concept of life servers is fun and entertaining, but there are just too many better games now even if you dont have that aspect.
  10. Play civ and stop complaining about a cop cap. No new players are going to stay around if they get arrested every 3 seconds because the ratio is so shit.
  11. Are people really that salty someone can cap with a shotgun? You should be able to cap with any gun, if someone cant defend they cant defend.
  12. Its not tho, he was in the click
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