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  1. They make actual servers for that. Its actually kind of sad when people people choose to dumpster kids on a life server instead of going to a server meant specifically for PVP. This is the most egregious act in the APD didnt you know? Captains can run around RDM'ing people, combat seizing vehicles, all kinds of shit, but damned Billy if you joke around with a friend your APD career is over.
  2. I love how Leady says APD officers driving vehicles from the FED is against server rules so the captains create to rule allowing combat seizing. The is in direct opposition of server rules. Then in exactly the fashion you would expect defends the stupid fucking rule by saying "nah bro its cool, the captains would never abuse it because its going to be rare" Captains have been shitting on the rules for literally years, and everyone with the power to stop is just doesnt give a fuck. Its honestly comical at this point. Throw around some fancy words and sentences and people drink that shit up like coolaid. Im not sure if I should be impressed or disgusted at this point.
  3. In the 7 years I have been in the toxic community the only CMs that actually did anything were Bamf (at first) and Mitch. The others have been totally useless sacks of shit who were really "active" their first few weeks then poof shortly after *shrug* But hey they make really spiffy posts to make themselves appear useful
  4. If you catch someone with not time before restart it doesn't matter if you're good at time management or not, there is no time before restart. Learn not to be stupid please.
  5. Captains have to get caught accepting nudes to get in trouble, dont waste your time people.
  6. No, its because no one wants to do the FED, Prison, Bank every 12 fucking minutes against people who have superior weapons and are in entrenched positions. Fights can be fun every now and then, but believe it or not not everyone wants to play KOTH with you and the rest of your gang. I quite playing for 2 reasons, gangs cried about literally everything and when something got nerfed they bitch and cry until they get it back, and because everyone wanted to treat the server like its KOTH or wasteland. Everyone literally ignores RP unless there is some way to weasel a player report against a cop.
  7. No, no it doesn't help people. That shows them the server shouldn't be taken seriously which is exactly why you got removed. No, VDM is never permitted, I dont care if you text them first you idiot. As both of you prove the point that this community is too toxic to be saved.
  8. HotWings


    Billy is just a salty little bitch when its comes to just about everything Im not surprised.
  9. 5 years ago arma had like 500% more players in the player base. The servers and arma are simply never going to recover because people are simply not playing arma anymore. The server ran off all the casuals because of shit heads like you. Admins and server owners have nothing to do with the toxic ass fuckers who constantly fuck with the smaller players and ruin their experiences until they just dont come back anymore. Paratus may have shit the bed, but since then everyone who has tried to fix things has received nothing but resistance in literally everything aspect from players who just complain about everything and run off any new player that tries to join. So go head, blame the admins and owners for the actions of the shit tier player base who would rather off players than help the community grow. Perfect example of players trying running off players...
  10. Just set your recording application to record the last 5-7 minutes.
  11. That doesn't even make sense. IF you're going to run two servers it has to be with the full intent that both servers are to remain at full capacity or close to full capacity. You don't open half servers, especially if that server being up is solely dependent on the population of the other server. If there were enough active players to justify two servers there would be two servers, there isnt, so there wont be. Get an autohotkey and spam in.
  12. The fuck did I just read?
  13. Totally. Not like my point isn't correct and you're just a moron. You cant even say its not, all you can say is "youre salty" which doesnt even make sense you mong.
  14. 4 or 8 does it really fucking matter? Its still an autistic argument to say "pay for 30 days so I can play for 8" and god forbid someone hit the wrong key on their num pad at 1 AM.
  15. That didnt answer the question as to why someone would pay for a full month just to open a server for a few days. At its peak Asylum has over 1k players trying to get into 500 slots. The reason it stayed popular was because people were always trying to get in. When you add more servers and the servers look empty people dont join because they think the servers are shit. There is no reason at all to have servers that look half empty just to cater to the extra 20 people who need to spam in.
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