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  1. No, they must not. Go to the fucking truck shop like everyone else.
  2. HotWings

    a question

    Oh, I been saying Arma been dying the entire time. I dont blame Asylum at all. Arma is garbage. You know this dont act like we havnt had this conversation asshole lol.
  3. I wonder if he will ever find the bug report button or if he will continue to post this retarded shit publicly so we can continue to point and laugh.
  4. Cops are literally programed to lose like 90% of fights and when they win "gotta make a forum post"
  5. Its a fucking garage you idiot, why would you be able to spawn anything bigger than it inside of it. Logic bro, use logic.
  6. Meta right now? You been here 5 minutes?
  7. HotWings

    a question

    Remember when in 2016 there were 4 servers.
  8. This fucking kid returning for the 231313th time? Pretty sure half of your posts are "Im back"
  9. Sorry, cops needs to stay out of Kavala, Pyrgos, and Athira now, rebels consistently frequent these areas to rob and buy supplies.
  10. Cops risk losing their load out alot... Even if its cheaper they're programmed to lose most fights. I cant even comprehend the lack of thought put into what you're saying here to be perfectly honest... My load out costs 15k, I lose on average say 5 per shift if I dont just rush a bank/fed/prison/whatever. Say I manage to nab 1-2 100k+ bounties that are then spread between everyone netting around 60k each (assuming we don't reduce their tickets), hell maybe they had drugs and I get a bonus 20k. Yeah made 5k, totally making bank.
  11. Just remove jail then. make the server what it really is at this point. KOTH with voip
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