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  1. Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 120k Long Stone Location (Town/DP#): Gravia, South of Athira Asking Price: 350k, on market Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  2. I was messing around on Australia a few days ago and it seemed to be patched up quite nicely. Buildings didn't seem to have any major bugs and no mem leaks.
  3. Way back before the forums wipe, @Destrah put together this AEMS Guidebook. Personally, I think it has some pretty good guidelines in it already.
  4. It's in limbo right now, we still use it to group up, but as an actual gang it's dead.
  5. Not gonna lie, I've driven with all 4 tires out for 15 minutes until the BH who was hunting me got bored.
  6. When you die, your group marker goes to debug, so could it not be detecting that you are in a vehicle because according to arma, your body is on debug? Would some sort of event handler fix this?
  7. +1 Been wanting this for a while now. Link to the guide from old forums I wrote (shoutout to jedi for saving it): AEMS Guide
  8. In Game Name: ashto

    any other previous names: 0

    Asylum hours atleast 20 hours a week since  like feb.

    Have i ever been banned: nope

    Current/past Gangs: 0

    Do i have mic or Teamspeak: i have mic but will get teamspeak if needed

    What can i bring to ATF: I am very good at instructions so will do what is needed, i am very good at shooters, and RPG's. i have a lot of knowledge on how things work in asylum. Thank you for your time and reading this message. :))))))))

  9. A man after my own heart... <3
  10. Personally I'm a fan of the CUP series and ACE.
  11. Some of my favorites: - Tweaked: Characters of all factions passed the advanced ninja training course and should now be able to survive falling from reasonable heights - Fixed: Lowering the primary weapon in prone stance no longer forces the player to stand up - Fixed: Divers got stuck after getting out of a boat without a primary weapon - Fixed: In Zeus, when multiple objects were dragged onto another object, it sometimes resulted in all objects being stacked on the same position - Fixed: Bushes should no longer provide immortality against projectiles to characters hiding inside - Added: Eden 3D Editor (technical name: 3DEN)
  12. Don't forget about fixing the sirens to actually be able to turn them off/on at will.
  13. -1 to a rework as that would mean I have to go back and re-write the guide +100 to medic love now and forever