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  1. Why you gotta be so savage,shit man,I was talking about the Haters........Damn John
  2. It's like the popular lunch table in high school only no one fucking cares...Oh wait,its exactly like that lol
  3. Hey i wasn't hating,you take that back, Eptic's My Mentor,He's teaching me the ways of the Forum Warlord.
  4. WHo the fuck is Capt Pepper? Also i would follow this guy around and get out and dance everytime he stopped lol
  5. That cabbage smells about the same in either form doesnt it lols
  6. Id be pissed if i was that guy lol
  7. I tapped a dude named uvlear at a prison Break with a Rook @250m once, If the Old DS Enjin wasnt down id find the video...I may actually go add 3 free days just to get it lol He Spammed me with claims i was hacking for hours lol Yes,Prior to this,i had initiated on & Killed Destro on the roof,and had already been shot at a few times so no,Not RDM.
  8. Your sitting at your PC and lean on a cheek,but realize how wet & Sticky it is,now you gotta balance on one side until your done Fapping,its so much work.
  9. Welcome,This is Asylum,You must be new. On Topic,That Pilot must have forgotten his Helmet that day.lol
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