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Just now, tryhardsqueaker said:

idk how you both figured the tracker would stay on you when you die....... I only meant the tracker would work similar to parole for seeing them on the map. Its only a suggestion for replacing a terrible HVT system. If I could wave a magic wand I would remove HVT entirely.

Most everything in asylum is persistent. Just kinda brainwashed to think that would be too ig

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Why dont we unban the known players who will bring back gang life get the devs to fix the fucking mission files and update the coding thats outdated also have the devs stop making excuses that the lag is caused by bohemia bugs

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Just now, Budbringer said:

Nothing gay about sending your buddies dick picks


Its natural.

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3 hours ago, Kettles said:

So you're saying that when the HVT get vested by his friend and respawns, the cops will know exactly where he is?

Sorry but that's a retarded idea.


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12 hours ago, cHIP ōTLE said:

Pfft.  Just combat log, amiright 

Hey I promise I will only send you straight to jail and not robo cop you in this situation!

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