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  1. Scott

    older gamers

    I can't remember the last game release I was excited for. Everything that has come out in the past few years seems to be overhyped and dead in a few weeks.
  2. I believe that is based off of the steam account creation date. Same idea though.
  3. If he breaks as many rules as you say, report it and he will get banned. He's not going to get banned because some guy complains about it on the forums. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  4. I love that people always think that the fact that you unrestrained them means that they're untouchable.
  5. Wow man that was really funny! I'm surprised you're able to find such funny content, I thought you'd be too busy joining people's groups to report them!!
  6. I don't see the problem with doing things to get a fight. Also if it was only over 50k that still leaves tons of people with Max time who can't be broken out.
  7. Nobody wants to drive over a mountain with no roads to it to get to skiptracer, you don't even have to do that for rebels.
  8. Never should have been added.
  9. Everyone already got their chance 8 months ago and a lot of them are banned again. Not sure why you think everyone would get unbanned.
  10. That's what most people do with supercars.
  11. I'll convince your pal hotwings to come back and you can have some more fun with him
  12. There will (hopefully) be people to kill and rob. Been like playing in a desert for a couple years now.
  13. The guy at the pyrgos diving shop is the hook up. Man knows what's up.
  14. Wetsuit + sdar is more fun at a prison than full gear. Change my mind.
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