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  1. this server is full of roleplayers now and people who are good at the game are considered ‘esports wannabe’ what u expect brotha
  2. also, i talked to mitch about this like a month ago they didn’t really seem too interested
  3. could be like on gta where people vote beforehand if they want dom or hardpoint. only issue is only 1 or 2 gangs are actually gonna be competing everyone else that doesnt have a full roster is pretty much useless.
  4. drop max houses you can own to 3
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT)make it so you can rent houses to other players based x on hour or day. for example a player can put a good house on market for 100k for one day and i can either use it to run drugs or set it as gang house next to rebel for the day.
  6. i see your point mitchy but im just saying. you can make this ufo thingy into something bigger n better w pc parts and with more people involved. unfortunatly thats how players always have been and will be and i dont see it lasting if the hazard suits are always there. but just an idea i guarantee you this guy above @Defragments is just saying that so he can keep getting free money with little to nobody showing up as competition…
  7. me and my gang would definitly go to ufos if we are nearby but 110% of the time we just dont feel like having to go to a rebel just to change our clothes and im sure more people feel like this. rebel airdrop just isnt the same. maybe mix these 2 in 1 so instead of ‘ufo’ its reworked into something better and more worth fighting for
  8. let me just say the server hasnt felt this full n fun in years. good job wwith so much stuff to do now, i think the ufo could be actually a fun thing if it is reworked as not many people care about it right now. -change it up so it doesnt give you the weird screen, and that you don't have to get hazards suits to go. this will make it accessible to anyone at any time. -buff it good, make it so you make a little more money and can find pc parts and other stuff there so it is actually worth fighting. pretty much it. also, for the love of god please remove that crypto cap by salt flats and just make it east arms.
  9. i suggest moving one of the gang fortress from wed or sunday to monday since both the days rn are right when conquest starts, maybe limiting gangs like tp to come
  10. asylum the only place where the community asks for updates and the devs straight laugh at you
  11. we went for a very simple style of caps, these will be a blast to fight on. we will start working on modded maps now probably @Gen. Henry Arnold
  12. that kinda looks retarded ngl. could be a point just swap all the bs with broken cars & little shacks
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