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  1. ig thats true n idk if he is cheating or not but usually when everyone from 3 different servers has sus clips of u and says you are cheating they are usually right. and i dont think anyone has ever called out bera so idk what this guy is on lol
  2. 1000% wrong, just look at gta or oly. the best system imo would be having tilde key only toggle friendlies, and you get automatic tilde of enemies who are close to you and add blur to vehicles only once stationary
  3. bring back tilde only in a 5-10m range.
  4. idk if its jus me but it feels like the smoke is a lot more thick and harder to see through regardless of tilde
  5. so make it where you only have blur after being stationary for like 3 seconds
  6. lower blur, add friendly tildes
  7. more like (THEDOGS) Fudger. enough said
  8. make sure the smokes actually work on dom lol.. livonia lighting still doesnt work on it
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