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  1. i call this ‘taking my cut’
  2. beautiful lighting mod makes the game look good, grandtheftarma and olympus both use it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2070681304
  3. there are mods i think
  4. +1 and cant wait for my map to be added!
  5. i made a completely new dom map 2 months ago and spoke about it in discord with mitch and skiman. i sent the files to mitch and im guessing he never opened it. i also asked azeh he said he never heard anything about it
  6. ADD MY DOM MAP @[email protected] @Mitch @ObiWoki BEST MAP
  7. maybe thats the issue..
  8. Don't really play anymore. Enjoy
  9. Proud getting ready for fight night
  10. so ifrit smokes are increased while standing still? damn
  11. ^^ i think this would be good actually at least a 50/50 chance tho so there would still be, just not as aids
  12. hahahah humbergergamers
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