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  1. so do sundays on another map. could work
  2. accepted as trial denied for now we are full, feel free to reapply in the future.
  3. @[email protected] (IFRIT)@Mr. Slick it would take less than 5 mins to remove it and put it elsewhere
  4. not enough players for that lol
  5. an arma physics update around 2 years ago pretty sure
  6. pls increase server to 145-150 players it is aids to have to spam in 15 minutes every time i log in @Mr. Slick @Azeh @Mitch (IFRIT)
  7. Oh shit gl alshiq new era was better
  8. FudgeR

    Im back;)

    just came back too ITS TIME
  9. Goddamnit stevie stealing guilds again
  10. Why would they bring back strife? It would kill the servers and die a week later.
  11. My pc broken atm:/ ill see what i can do for the boys
  12. Okk but Once big gangs stopped playing the server died bruvv
  13. ??? Goyney carry?? Have you seen gang wars ??????
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