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  1. @bamf maybe try somewhere up north, sofia way... that side of the map is hardly ever used, it would spread things out a bit at least.
  2. I think they get the fact the community wants the old bank... I don't think you need to keep asking for it, if it's possible they'll do it. Remember the fact they moved it "temporarily"
  3. @bamf @GnashesIt has changed visually but i still need the Sergeant/LT tallent to get a hellcat as a corporal
  4. I didn't think it'd go that deep down the rabbit hole, i understand that... What about the % increase ideas I've been mentioning... any chance you may think about altering it for the future?
  5. I'm not dumb, theres no further rewards i want from donating any more and the next tier for me is 50$ more anyway... I like supporting the server and it's development, all I wanted to do is to see if we could get the % increase system instead of the credit, because although the vast majority of people get the pinks and blues, 50$ in for me and i've just got all greens. I just feel there's a better way to add a consolation price than the credit system, maybe increased % or if you get a 100% chance at blue or higher if after 5 crates you get all greens, or 10 ect.... I just wanted to know if this would ever be a posability from the devs to reward people that are 'unlucky' I work alot to earn my money and i spend it on what i believe in and what i enjoy... but i don't make alot of it, and im sure there are people with less money than me that still try there luck and get mugged off too
  6. If it wasn't computer generated then yeah, I guess, nothing is truly random when it comes to coding.
  7. Again, I'm not pissed, i support the devs and the community, and im offering my suggestions for a better donating system, I was a donator years ago and i don't mind paying to support something i spend alot of time on. Just because you're lucky or you don't bother with donating or 'losing your money' doesn't mean something can't be improved. Plus, this is a community.... Community feedback, suggestions and thoughts are what make a community stronger, hence why i said "thoughts" not 'change this'. No need to be salty about someone giving feedback
  8. I disagree, CSGO is an indie game for 1, and one of the things which made the game mainstream popular is the lootbox openings, nothing to do with the game it's self. Plus, Asylum/Arma isnt Dying, I see new people all the time joining and making new content.
  9. @Gnashes @bamf Thoughts on this? Again, I'm not pissed at the lootbox system it's self, i've donated in the other ways, at this point I just dont think loot boxes are as rewarding as the other donation options. I like the fact there is a consolation prize, but it's only a prize if you pay more money.
  10. You don't get it because you got lucky... If you had spent 50$ you'd expect to have at least get a blue, the randomisation isn't the problem, its the fact you don't get rewarded for supporting the devs and server, when someone that spends the lowest amount can get a CSAT in 1 go. There should be a better consolation system is what I'm saying... CSGO has the upgrade 10 item function, some games have the increased rarity chance, we get a piss poor amount of 'credit' to inevitably fail again.
  11. The CSAT isnt the main thing im looking for, and its the piss poor attempt at compensating us for getting the same greens over and over, once you gain an item you shouldnt be able to get it again, thats the best look box mechanic ive seen in a game. Or due to the lack of content within the boxes, an incresed %chance of you getting a rarer item, so i get it on me last key i spent $50 on altogether, just so i get something to feel good about, rather than 6$ off my next 5 keys to unlock more greens again
  12. again, not on cop.... but anyway, who the fuck rocks up to a cartel or something in a go kart helmet? xD
  13. Talking the helmet mainly, only head armour option in the game. Plus, the use on cop is what i'm looking for, the carrier rigs do enough for me on civ.
  14. Fancy sharing one of them? xD (I know it doesn't work like that)
  15. On CSGO ive earnt about 100$ from just playing a game and getting a great gun at the end of a match, plus any gun you get on csgo can be upgraded, you can get unlucky 10 times and then get something worth 20$ to at least make up what you lost. They've added too many donater options, you can 'donate' or 'donate to the monthly goal' or buy 'loot keys'. The old donator system was much more rewarding to the person investing into the server. Now i get a disadvantage in combat because someone used a key at the right time.
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