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  1. Having the Chinese stick around is the only chance of getting a fight. Plarka is probably just retaliating for Yusheng blowing all his shit up...
  2. -They’re shotguns... -teamspeak works fine -server. -forums are a bit dead, yes. -V2 is fantastic. ZERO crashes btw -in yours and many other’s opinions. -Maybe some day you’ll find the right girl... or guy.
  3. Great, now 911 is gonna switch back to bounty hunting.
  4. Cop faction is the lowest priority on their list right now. I’m sure bounty hunter is a close 2nd. Just hop on and fight the Chinese like everyone else has been doing...
  5. IF a cop rushes the bank and gets killed, that cop is immobilized and out of the situation for a good 5 minutes, so you have 1 less cop to worry about for a bit. If you do a bank with limited numbers, and you ALL play the bank (roof/inside), you're gonna have a very difficult time succeeding. Cops have to wait for a higher-up to authorize lethals, which will only be done if necessary.
  6. Don’t act like you’re gonna play, playa
  7. What exactly did you do that triggered this treatment? it seems to me like a troll got a taste of his own medicine.
  8. I go there on cop for the fun that can ensue. I don’t go there on civ, because there’s really no point.
  9. I took out the anti-torque hoping you’d flail around and plummet... you ruined my fun!
  10. You can sell the stuff, u just can’t process. and I’m sure they’re not gonna comp for ingredients that take 20 minutes to gather.
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