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  1. Not the content we deserve, but the content we need.
  2. you probably deserved it you hooligan 

  3. Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!

  4. Protest signs should be a one-shot kill for anyone with armor (ie. cops) I don’t want my kill abilities limited to nakeds and medics.
  5. I've got a protest sign with your name on it, Buddy.  😆

    1. HomeTrlx


      Can u show me that sign?🤣

    2. cHIP oTLE

      cHIP oTLE

      After my point expires, you’re mine! 😜

    3. HomeTrlx
  6. Honestly makes Shooting people out of ifrits look too easy...
  7. Must’ve had some faulty rocket boosters... didn’t make it too high
  8. There’s a VERY fine line between disabling the vehicle and killing the occupants in the process... thanks arma
  9. DS is accepting all war invites! this message paid for by DS | Billy
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