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  1. Cartels shouldn't have to generate extra money over the processing cuts taken. If you own a cartel, you have the advantage of no cut while processing, take advantage of that when you can. Honestly, the 2 best cartels to own are Wongs and Oil. They probably bring in the most money. Arms & Drug are more "for the fight" cartels. As for the stats, i'd like to see a cartel section on the stats page that shows what each cartel generated per day and lengths of ownership. i think that'd be interesting. What they don't need is individual stats like "time in cap" just so those Boomer gang leaders can figure out gang paychecks...
  2. I'll agree to hold off on playing Hide n Seek, however, i have other tricks up my sleeve.

    1. Dillon


      It may or may not involve gathering all of the Kavala rats...

    2. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      Is there a max amount of hemmts we can pull out of our garages at once mitch?

  3. Good point here. But i agree with removing the gradual cap and making a hard 15 cop cap.
  4. Doing good work in my absence!
  5. Yeah, that part is kinda broken. When I join asylum ts, I usually go into channels where I’m alone. So... don’t join MY channel, punk.
  6. Can’t trigger it from an orca, ya need someone on foot (with a weapon) or you can trigger it from bolt cutting gates or drilling domes.
  7. I want a new statistic... Longest “active” FED. this post may ruffle a few feathers. I mean no harm. It’s just a game.
  8. You got good things done @Clint Beastwood. Thanks for your devotion to the server. Enjoy getting away from it all...
  9. Can we get rid of the cop spot limiters now and just make it a hard 15 cop limit?
  10. You can’t stay top tower when you’re getting pushed. Your best bet is to push down to top of stairs.
  11. Rubber is worth like 900 each, so yeah, you picked up $650 cash and left about $22,000 sitting...
  12. We got medics that do some work now... Bring on the lethals... #Medicpaychecksmatter
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