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  1. Just make a discord notifier, takes less time for same outcome/ result
  2. Wrong, they fixed that issue....essentially 1 server on oly now. Again, Asylum does have a more consistent player population on a daily basis
  3. lol what are you on about, how are you actually involving me in this ?
  4. Asylum Conquest......wya also pending crh's unban
  5. _____________________________________________________ Leaders: @Walt @Tapatio @MarveL @CRH _____________________________________________________ Roster _____________________________________________________ Requirements: -1000 Hours -Cartel Experience -Financially Stable _____________________________________________________ Application: Name: Player ID: Previous Gangs: _____________________________________________________
  6. A ban completely surrounded around speculation without evident proof should not be banned for. The evidence and explanation by staff on KOTH was he "attempted to shoot at a player 1k away" how is play like that unreasonable coming from cartel players on life servers which attempt/ succeed these kills all the time. If Olympus can realize how idiotic this ban is...why can't you guys! This shit is ridiculous. crh is unbanned now on Olympus without issue. Which there has been no issue before with crh anyway. Make the right decision and unban. Like what vlad said it's your fucking serv
  7. Great tage Rake, keep up the good work
  8. How does this effect performance and the unreachable tower are my only concerns
  9. bump RECRUITMENT OPEN!!!! @Mason Statham
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