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  1. First good montage on these forums in a while
  2. @Mason Statham for design team/ contributer
  3. Brothers till the day we die! N1
  4. -remove night (unpopular opinion, split amongst community) -remove debit cards/ implement the ability to buy gear without having to have cash on hand -re-work jump mechanic/ script -I believe loadouts are officially allowed to be saved at rebel in the next patch since donor goal has been reach...but hopefully it's implemented as soon as possible
  5. best player behind @Mason Statham to play the game n1 brother
  6. You ever plan on coming back?

    1. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Spoke to him today, it's pretty unlikely pretty sure he spent all his money on here. He pretty much quit Arma since he went to college and gets on Olympus every now and then when he's at home but that's about it

    2. Dillon
    3. Walt


      one day

      Miss you buddy

  7. Mason Statham is the best Arma 3 player to play the game. Change my mind.

  8. What can I say Jeep Guild just does it best
  9. Best player I've ever seen!
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