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  1. Hey. I just got a player report closed, with a guy clearly RDMing me. Because my video is split in two. (First video stops and second video starts 0.1 sec after, Its the same as one video if you ask me?) I think this is bullshit.. There is nothing anywhere about split recording is not allowed. So i suggest admins to get it into the rules or somewhere else people can find it, And read that is not allowed. instead people have to get their report closed to find out, Which is a waste of their time.
  2. So if i enter a red zone like cocaine prosessing and i see someone there. I turn my car around. So now im outside the redzone by 200meters and the guys are still trying to kill me. What are the rules about that? aren't they supposed to stop trying to kill me after i leave red zone? Like don't they need to reinitiate after i leave red zone?? I would very much like a admin to anwser this.
  3. Got jailed today without a bounty. How is that even possible? https://imgur.com/a/Zz4Zt
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