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  1. Both posted for 250k each. Great for crafting and posting on asylum exchange. If no one buys pm or post offer here
  2. Sounds like the ILOVFCKINHONEY guy. Maybe he is AI.
  3. https://my.gaming-asylum.com/altis This tells you what type of houses for sale.
  4. Cadets, and Constables (Majority of police force) did not benefit from checks. Corporals are only making an extra $1,800 an IRL hour.... All I can say is this.... SGTs = Extra $3,600 an IRL hour (Can't even pay for them buying armor or garage fee for mobile HQ for events with this amount) Lts and Capt = Extra $6000 an IRL hour ( Again can't even pay for one frit for events...) I honestly hope I'm wrong but I feel like cops will be losing money. I'm afraid cops won't have time to catch people with drugs if rebels are running events back to back because rebels only need to serve 10 mins or pay lower ticket prices now.
  5. Awesome update. Love camera idea and shed rules. Just feel like cop got a sizable nerf by removing those stackables though. 😕 Did we remove them to make RA easier for cadets? Jokes aside, cops rarely win events and even less often do we catch anyone with notes or bars. Events will be spammed more often because there is less punishment for being caught. Maybe increase cooldown timer a bit to reduce spamming and give us an opportunity to patrol around for more REAL RP experiences with newer players.
  6. Thanks for your thoughtful explanation and honestly very fair points.
  7. Bitcoin wasn't a Y inventory item that you could lose or rob from others. Basically this forces player to carry cash again so you can rob or kill and actually make decent money. When you kill someone nowadays you get a $5k bounty and couple redgulls as a reward. I would like more rewards for killing. Thanks for reading❤ @manhua
  8. I left a like on your montage Christopher.... how could you do me dirty like this💔
  9. I was thinking after a run you could buy vehicles or weapons in bulk at rebel then store or also do a large money run to buy expensive rebel items (explosives and arson kits). Maybe even buy then sell vehicles or these high value items at asylum exchange. Another option that would make less money but be less risky would be simply buying then selling vehicles back to rebel garge to convert counterfeit to quick depositable cash. I do agree with you though. Having it valued at half would probably make it useless or rarely used. Honestly the hope is to have more risky and rewarding fights where people can't simply deposit money after selling or store their drugs in a house. A lot of money making methods feel pretty safe especially with a house near by, but this would definitely be one of the riskiest money making method that forces players to actually carry money around with them over long distances with a chance of getting robbed otw to rebel or even at rebel or wherever they want to spend their counterfeit bills. Appreciate the feedback❤️
  10. Counterfeit Cash My Idea: Counterfeit money refers to a fraudulent currency that has been illegally replicated to imitate genuine banknotes. The downside to counterfeit cash is it cannot be directly deposited into banks due to rigorous authentication processes. To introduce fake money into circulation, criminals resort to a mix of legal and illicit transactions such as purchasing drugs, weapons, and other illegal commodities, which is why they frequently carry significant amounts of cash to facilitate this process. My suggestion would be to have these bills as unstorable and unbankable Y inventory that may be used to pay for whatever you’d like at rebel, drug dealers, or gang turfs (maybe even anywhere on the map). Not too sure how balancing would work though… Either a 1:1 ratio between dollar and counterfeit or have counterfeit bills be worth half meaning a $3,000 tac vest would require 6,000 counterfeit bills at rebel. Adding Counterfeit notes will mainly benefit intermediate & expert level players. For our intermediate players counterfeit cash will be an illegal item that can be created through either the black market or a new illegal area called "Forgery" For our expert-level players (Cartel Fighters) there could possibly be a counterfeit cartel or gang turf that produces a set amount of counterfeit bills and players collect from a flag similar to oil cartel. How it is made: 1. Counterfeit Cash production; Creating counterfeit banknotes typically requires a combination of specialized skills, equipment, and materials. The two main ingredients of creating basic counterfeit are specialized paper and inks and dyes. The Ink will be made from processed oil. (Legitimate money uses a blend of cotton and linens but luckily we don't need to implement two new items because... ) Counterfeit money typically uses hardwood-based paper meaning our counterfeit bills will use hardwood planks. 2. Counterfeit Cartel or gang turf (maybe): Produces a set amount of counterfeit bills and players collect from flag similar to oil cartel. It would help naturally circulate these bills into the economy. MONEY MAKING ASPECT Again... not sure how to balance this bcz I have no dev experience or concept of the economy so I leave this for you to alter as much as you please... If counterfeit bills were a 1:1 ratio with dollar bills i would suggest: 1 hardwood plank=$280(weight 3) 1 processed oil= $210 (weight 2) 2 processed oil + 1 hardwood plank (weight 5) will create 1,400 or 1,500 counterfeit cash (roughly26,600 or 28.500 a full backpack) Value of items is basically doubled for risk of not being able to store in bank. Justification: Incorporating a cash-carrying mechanic in gameplay can heighten the risk-reward dynamic, and enhances the satisfaction after a gunfight. Requiring players to physically carry cash earned adds an extra layer of strategic decision-making, as they must weigh the potential gains against the threat of losing their hard-earned resources upon defeat. This dynamic injects a palpable sense of tension into encounters, fostering a deeper emotional investment and a genuine feeling of accomplishment when emerging victorious similar to the Tarkov experience. If we craft this at black markets it would also generate more traffic in West Kavala rebel. Which may help players transition easier between legal to illegal money-making methods. Collect legal items like wood and oil to get cash to buy rebel gear.
  11. about 500m from Coke Field about 270 m from Quarry Perfect for robbing, pulling tractor to collect coke or mine for crafting Put offers below or message me on discord: Sleeper Don#0547
  12. Because cops run 10+ players deep and are heavily nerfed to typically lose fights... My point was if cops typically have weapons that civs can also have why cant civs have drum mags for these two guns. Rebels are meant to have weaponry greater than or equal to APD so why can't they have drum mags to these two guns? Even with drums these guns wont be used a lot and wont become meta. Tbh I just want to have other options other than Lim, mk200 and ak 75rnd...
  13. Can you add drum mag for Car95? Maybe add spar16 drum mag at rebel and Skip tracer too? If APD can have spar drum mag why can't civs?
  14. Only add jeep 556..... Make it Constable+
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