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  1. Tea. liked a reply to a status update by Infamous [FULL SEND] in can we make narcon take away revive cool down again?   
    Delete the hole narcan system, bring back adrenaline shots. Never knew that apd had bullets with heroin inside. Smh my head
  2. Tea. liked a reply to a status update by Chow Mein in this new forum update is bad , change it back   
    It looks like my grandma used my iphone and changed the font to 72
  3. Chow Mein liked a reply to a status update by Tea. in PUFFING FAKE PUFF BARS   
    lush ice best1
  4. Tea. liked a reply to a status update by Jesse in @Jesse why does servers with twice the population of this one never get hit off? but   
    You're clearly uneducated? The same attack was done on Olympus and took it down. There's videos on it that got sent to us by Ryan. The only thing that stopped it from happening is that the person stopped doing it to them. We have ddos protection. However, they're attacking our gameport which is 2302 and sending an overflow of packets to it from multiple concurrent attacks. We have 1gbps up/down. So all they have to do is send 1gbps worth of useless packets to our arma 3 port and it "clogs" the pipe. 

    I was with Olympus long enough to see the server get hit off multiple times when someone cared to do it.

    I know you just want to talk shit about nothing you clearly are understanding. It's not like we don't have this "mystical" protection. Read up on networking and how ddos attacks work. There isn't just some magical barrier that protects a server.

    Almost all games have a UDP port, you attack that port, you clog the servers data flow with bad traffic. It's not like we're just not paying for a service. OVH offers protection to all customers up to 3/tbit a second which is what the VAC can hold. However, when you attack the same port that legit traffic needs to go to, if they send enough small sized packets it can go undetected. Which is our case here.

    If you decide you feel like you want to continue talking shit and stirring shit I can give you some time away from our forums/community if you'd like. I'm not going to continue with this shit.
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