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  1. I replied to it and closed it...
  2. We have no control over this.... BE doesn't allow virtual machines running. Games like PUBG & EFT people would run VMs to capture network traffic and make radar cheats, etc with it. It's great they don't allow it.
  3. Yeah basically.... However there are some talented teens out there. A lot of people also ask if the age is a hard limit, it's not necessarily. Skill is more important. This 14-year-old girl won a $25K prize for a discovery that could lead to a cure for Covid-19: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/18/us/anika-chebrolu-covid-treatment-award-scn-trnd/index.html So if that 14yr old can figure out covid molecular shit, I can possibly find a monkey to make some designs.
  4. Hey all, So currently the development team is looking for some additional help. We are in need of people for various specialized positions. IF YOU APPLIED PREVIOUSLY MAKE SURE YOUR APPLICATION HAS NEW CONTENT FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS... Positions Available: Graphics Designer - 1 or 2 Position(s) available at this time Description of Positions Graphic Designer: The role of the graphic designer is to support the other positions (web/content/map) by creating graphics not limited to but mainly textures/icons/images. These graphics could be displayed on the websit
  5. Anyone who tried using this and it didn’t work. It works now.
  6. You’re right. This is where I’m going wrong. I’ll start thinking outside the box.
  7. Hoftix #5 Fixed Evidence Lockup cop requirements Added Xmas/Halloween/Admin Gifts Some autoban stuff Cops will be notified when a player currently has an active ticket displayed. Some more garages to purchase. More event locations and intro.
  8. We've switched over to the new server and the issues seem to be gone. Sorry for the delay and what not. Obviously due to costs and such this was not the ideal move to make, as they are now charging almost $100 setup fees and such. We were really hoping they'd be able to better service our current server. Oh well, we're back to normal. Sorry again..
  9. We picked up a new server that appears to not be having packet loss issues. We'll be switching over to the new server at some point tonight.
  10. Can you send me a pm with the IP that MTR was done on so I can forward it to OVH. And an unedited screenshot if possible of the mtr showing all host names.
  11. I mean it's not fixed? I edited my post above to include what was "found".
  12. Next update/patch/fix update. We should be doing it today at some point.
  13. In 30 minutes or so the server will go down for a bit as well as TS3. We're going to do further diagnostic work on the server to determine why we're having packet loss issues. Looks to be an issue on the OVH network. As one node has 20% packet loss:
  14. @Ignis @Boon - Can we get this number formatted with two decimal places please.
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