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  1. Just FYI medic slots are disabled by intent. No medic slot works.

  2. This will be going in to effect very shortly on the live servers. Just handling some last minute stuff. Also, the updated "Donation Goal" method will be going up soonish (next few days). It'll basically be very similar to what community goals offered just minus tiers. So instead of making you guys reach various goals, it will just be one. Then we'll maybe add some other stuff to it, etc. This WILL NOT be the same as Olympus where you donate for features, rather you're donating for a community goal basically. Sometimes we may throw features in, however it'll be unlikely due to how thin we're spread with development resources.
  3. Just shows why doing math on the stuff is sometimes important. Seen it in stores too where buying something singular is sometimes cheaper than the bulk options and such.
  4. This was the extent of the thinking... As you can see, zero math was done. Zero thought was put in beyond what I typed. Immediately after sending that link, I went to bed basically. Had to be up in... ~6 hours after that post. It's since been modified to now give you a total of 32 keys. No one purchased the 25 pack so far, otherwise, I'd compensate them the new adjusted value. My bad...
  5. It's not like we get to just toggle an option for this... It's coded by invision to be this way. We can't just turn it off. So before you suggest "easy solutions" you should maybe educate yourself. I got a good solution "don't get it in the first place, quit being a piece of shit on the forums."
  6. I mean... Until Clint and I Discounts were never a thing. Plus, If we make them too cheap. Then we're not really going to meet server costs and what not... 15% off is pretty good all things considered with PayPal fees too and what not. Not like people are buying 200 keys... Clint made a post regarding. It's hidden until we're ready to unhide it as it contains other stuff too. However, not sure on BH. But infamy and some of the community goal stuff is just going to be worked in to the default mission. Instead of making people grind forever on earning infamy and such. Plus it'll level the playing field and be easier code wise to do stuff. We'll probably just be moving infamy stuff in to talents for some of it. And refining it. Regardless, this threads not really intended for this discussion.
  7. Hey guys! In response to our downtime of the forums and a bit of the servers earlier in the week. As well as back to school starting and such, we figured we'd do a sale on key purchases and also include a few free ones with select purchases. Later this week we'll be announcing some more changes to how community goals and such will be working going forward! It's much more "for the player" now! As well as some changes to the mission that I think most of you will enjoy! Coupon Code: 15OFF Discount Duration: Now until September 17th @ 00:01. Free Keys! (see below) Any purchase of multiple key packs will give additional free keys as follows: 1 Key -> 0 Free Keys (Total of 1 Key) 5 Keys -> 1 Free Key (Total of 6 Keys) 10 Keys -> 2 Free Keys (Total of 12 Keys) 25 Keys -> 7 Free Keys (Total of 32 Keys) Make sure you buy the key packs and not just 5 or 10 single keys as it will not give you the bonus keys! If you want 5 keys, buy the 5 pack.. etc! The store page will list them as the 5, 10, 25 keys, however once your purchase is complete, the script that adds the keys is set to give you the extra keys automatically. SPECIAL NOTE: In the event you forget to enter the coupon code, you are out of luck. Make sure you enter the code to receive the discount. All key purchases are final, we will not credit you if you fail to enter the code on checkout for the discount! Keys will add automatically regardless if you use the code or not! Key Credit: The key credit you get in-game for item duplicates DOES NOT automatically transfer to your forums account. If you wish to claim your account credit please make a donation support ticket and we'll add the account credit to your forums account ASAP. Thanks for your support, Clint & Jesse
  8. Hey everyone, I first off want to apologize for the long duration of forum downtime. I have had a busy week unfortunately, and had to work this in to my schedule. While the forums have been down, they've been updated to the latest Invision Community version, which caused a plugin to have issues with ALL forum posts. The cause of forum posts being broken took me like 2 hours to figure out, eventually I narrowed it down to a certain plugin. Then I had to update all ~23,000 users via a script I made to repair some stuff. The unfortunate thing out of all this was just that any hosted images on the site will have broken links now. That is why your signatures and avatars have been reset. If you wish to have your signature back AND it was more than just a few words or something and was something lengthy or hard to re-create.. (assuming it didn't have an image in and it was just text or something, shoot me a PM, I can get it for you). This however did free up like 40gb of space on the webserver. Lastly, SSL is now active across all domains except our subdomains for those of you with admin/cop tools. This is due to our SSL license only being paid for the TLD (top-level domain), we do not have subdomain coverage for SSL. Broken Images for rank icons will be replaced/added back soon. Need to get them. Also, the forums is currently "rebuilding" images in the background making them compatible with SSL if possible. So some images may show up after a while and it may just be that they're not showing due to not being processed by the server yet, as the forum system is also re-indexing everything. So the webserver is under a relatively heavy load currently. Once again, I apologize for the downtime and the loss of any signatures/avatars. If you notice anything broken on the forums, shoot me a pm. Thank you, Jesse
  9. When we have more than 10 players on at once.
  10. Asylum doesn't believe in Status Updates apparently. Sorry.
  11. Jesse

    Gang Perks & Exp

    ??? Player talents? Or do you mean the gang perks?...
  12. Jesse

    Gang Perks & Exp

    Should be fixed now. Sorry about that.
  13. Jesse

    Gang Perks & Exp

    The following gangs had EXP to be added to them:
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