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  1. Unfortunately it'll be back. Broken legs are gone however the pain thing will remain. His name is not there. He has been working a lot. He's just working on a few things on a different branch. Mainly his evidence locker thing.
  2. I can't be bothered giving a timeline for the stuff we do. Everyone complains when it's not spot on. So I'm done giving estimates and such in any sort of public thread. We're working on returning the features that are missing. Some of them will be put in by the end of the month. Azeh, Henry, and I are actively working on stuff.
  3. Sure. You just aren't able to gather it.
  4. Because I linked to other players'VPN, and I was banned. It was very annoying.

    1. Calle.


      Sounds like u couldn´t handle the neutron style

  5. We'll more than likely be updating them. It's due to the shading they attempted to do and the compression that they did after. Had they not been compressed though it was like 60mb. Which ain't nobody downloading an 80mb mission file... Give them time to learn and such. The textures in game regardless of what type aren't permanent...
  6. We've already made it easy enough for you. Having to only watch for a lockpicker is on you... Jesus. Especially when only maybe 1 or 2 other people may be online... If that
  7. It'll probably solve itself eventually. It's not asylum. Some have the issues some don't. It's DNS.
  8. As azeh said. It says that as the message but if you check your account it's buy price.
  9. It's due to having multiple textures using 1 item classname. Backpacks when dropped and such should maintain the texture due to them being a vehicle. However clothing this will happen to almost always assuming it's used both as a regular item and a skinned item. If we used them solely as skinned items this wouldn't be an issue but for example both of the new free uniform skins use the same classname. So we don't just assume what one you had. It gets set back default. See above. It's due to that uniform essentially having 3 different textures. We'll probably make a menu you can access to reset your skins if you so desire.
  10. Try flushing your DNS.. https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/94487-Client-wont-resolve-correct-ip-address-for-server Or try restarting your PC and/or reopen TS. We currently have 23 people on TS though.. It's a dns issue for yourself.
  11. Tonights Update - Brings you a new loot crate. The destruction crate. I'll let someone else post pictures of the content inside. Probably @Clint Beastwood. As I need to get to bed. have to work in 6 hours... It brings RA/SGT slots that they have been briefed on how to use on discord. See @Samperino for proper usage of said slots. Also, some updated admin features that they can use. Probably some other fixes that @Azeh can mention if he wants. Server 2 - Is going to be online. It's intended purpose is solely for you to be able to shuffle your gear to server 1 basically. We will have the server online for a little while. However, it will go down eventually again to a locked state. You cannot gather, buy houses, etc on the server to prevent people from actually playing on it. Houses will sell full price. Please note that if you own a s2 house you will continue to keep it until otherwise noted. So no need to sell your home. If you do want to sell your house it will sell for full buy price. Teamspeak was moved from S3 to S1. If you connect to our TS using an IP, switch to using instead now. Otherwise continue using: ts3.gaming-asylum.com:9216 That is all. Thank you. Oh and 440 houses just went on the market that were owned by inactive people who haven't logged in. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited by Azeh: This update was somewhat out of the blue due to the S2 changes, so there will probably be another update in the near future containing some more major changes. However: - Server restarts are now every 4 hours instead of 3. - Some issues with seizing items from vehicles were fixed. - Drilling for oil should now reset the vehicle despawn timer properly. - A new civ talent was added that lets you the see the location of dead group/gang members on the map. - An exploit related to CSATs and carrier lites dropping was fixed. - An issue where spawning at your house would occasionally spawn you in the ocean may be fixed. - AK Arco was added. - Tents and other previously placeable objects can now be placed again.
  12. This is our plan. S2 will be available just in a different fashion soon hopefully.... I approve a lot of his shit. If both are shitty. Why are you still here then....
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    You ever think that stuff isn't about the money sometimes?
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