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  1. Chances are we can modify something or remedy something potentially.
  2. That’s fine. If someone reports an exploit that someone does and we check logs that person will obviously get banned but the reporter wouldn’t. So for exploits it’s a gamble. Bugs is meh. We’ll eventually learn about them.
  3. Afternoon, We've squashed a lot of the bugs that existed in V1 and a large majority that have cropped up in the release of V2. Please help make us aware of current in-game issues/bugs that you experience. Please be as detailed as possible in your post. If it's something complicated please offer recreation steps if you have them available. If you have exploits that can be done, please pm them to me (DO NOT POST THEM), there will be a reward for exploits that are shared and you will not be held administratively accountable for them. Rewards may be issued for bugs/issues that are prominent that we're unaware of, however, exploits will be what we pay out on that we're UNAWARE of.. Also, please keep this thread on track, anyone going off topic or bantering on the thread will be subject to administrative action. Thank you, Jesse
  4. // Calculate remaining honor based on current talents (only talents that are in config and player list are calculated Is the part that was not apparent. I get what you meant now. --> Subtract the honor during run-time Having that worded to imply subtracting the honor talents value total would've made that more clear I guess..
  5. Ummm. You may want to word this better if you mean something different... Subtract the honor during run-time <- We already do this.... It's not like it happens when the player is offline??? Player has 150k honor available to use... They connect... They use 50k honor to learn talents... *** we have to sync that to be 100k, otherwise if they just leave and reconnect they'll have 150k to spend again... We'd have to make another column for this to work how you're suggesting.. Unless I'm not understanding you. Nah we're good.
  6. There is no "how much in total", merely what is available. As when you convert it to honor talents, the honor gets subtracted from the available balance. Flaws of the honor system & infamy system... There isn't an "easy" way for us to track total as far as honor talents + available honor.
  7. Your individual donor rank still requires manual update at this moment. I am currently working on coding it so that keys automatically go in to the goal. After that I'm coding it so that when donating to the goal it up's your donor level in-game. If you donated on asylum website and not towards the goal, then mitch has to handle it. Otherwise just wait a bit and you should get setup soon. Also, it doesn't help that you put in an incorrect pid when donating.. 765611983838164 You are two numbers short... it should've been: 76561198383816497 Regardless, I have corrected it and your account in-game should reflect appropriately. You will have to softlog to lobby if you're actively playing right now when updated.
  8. AFAIK, any lethal/arrest should count. I'll be investigating some of the stats stuff to ensure we're recording them properly. As some stats like War rating and such aren't being utilized right now. However, we're displaying them. This could be the case for some other stuff.
  9. Did you try the logout button? 8/15/19 is when V2 was released. Hence the join date. Nothing we can do about it. Also, times were never logged in V1, they were estimates moreso off of Splunk logs. A lot of these stats being tracked were added with the release of V2. Very few were actually tracked in V1. Not necessarily... V1 had the following: War kills & Deaths, War Rating, Cop Arrests, Civ Arrests, War Points, APD Evades. That was it. The rest was added in V2. What..... ? There is no 5k threshold? However, Lethals weren't tracked until V2. Arrests were tracked in V1. It's not that easy right now as all the stats are stored in an array and not a single field in the database. Databases aren't meant to store arrays then pull specific data from that array.
  10. What’s the issue with knowing if a player has houses or not? There’s what like 260sq km of where those 5 houses could be??? It’s not like it has the location and it’s contents for all to see? It simply tells someone you have 5 houses... Is it an issue? Let’s you see who has what. Some people like to flaunt how many vehicles they have or if they have a garage of cool shit, etc. Houses on this page are only served from our current active server. Which is server 1. Assuming this is sarcasm... As the logs say otherwise. Seems quite accurate. That's total since 8-17-19 until now. What are you just ?'ing about??? Looks fine to me: https://my.gaming-asylum.com/profile/search?pid=76561198149710913 or are you talking about one of your global banned accounts...?
  11. You do... Probably prestige undercover ones? The far right number is colors... There are some 2 & 3's. Where right now only 1's are accessible... idr. You can thank the constant amount of fuckery that occurred by people before V2 who managed to make the configs a mess and not very agile. You do have 14 Orca's though... Wanna know the funny part? They even count towards your garage counts lmao... That's what kinda sucks.
  12. Yes, I am actively aiding in development related tasks to help Mitch get established and off on the right foot. My duration that I will be assisting and such is undetermined at this time, however I am actively back to assisting in development both in-game and web related.
  13. I believe Mitch meant to put license. Not talent. It will essentially be the same as how rebels need the talent to purchase. Not to pull. We were trying to make it an equal requirement field across the board. So you need an active BH license to drive the vehicle legally. However you don’t need to keep that talent just like how you can buy ifrits then unlearn the talent.
  14. At this time no. As that’s a whitelisted force. The aim of these changes was to make it more beginner friendly or for people to play with their friends more easily without the hassle of “having” to grind talents for the basic things we felt should be just a given.
  15. This is all stuff being worked on this month. Hopefully all in by end of month. Except the goal stuff. That’d be added in sometime the following month.
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