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  1. Hints and a progress bar. These are the type of features Asylum needs. This right here would help keep big gangs around and also be a great new activity. Put it in the next update please!
  2. Imagine thinking that was worth screen shotting. I remember being 16.
  3. Well come develop then or play somewhere else. Don’t get upset that things don’t get done at the pace you want them too. You claim you are so busy.. imagine being an adult and having responsibilities. Mitch edited my post. I did call you a derogatory term for African Americans @Infamous [FULL SEND]in the event you didn’t see it.
  4. Think you need to fix your glasses. I never asked if anyone wanted a conquest to be made. I asked for what people would be in demand of and thoughts. If I was making something it’d be an entirely different mission like KoTH or a different game mode than life server. Not just a part of the life server. I also said none of that was going to happen or anything like that. I was merely polling the community. When someone else decides to pick it up. I officially left the team as an arma developer like about a month ago. Even then wasn’t doing much since late summer due to job rela
  5. Some of our loot crates contain "busts" where there use to be content but we removed it (just some random shirts). At this time they're occupied by busts, which if a player hits a bust. The server then has an increase of sales on all goods for 2 minutes per bust. So if I were to hit a bust you can benefit from the bust I did by getting increased sales percentage as well. It could be diamonds, drugs, fish, etc.
  6. It’s the 7th? I activated the Halloween ones on like the last week October. They were left on longer than I wanted since I forgot about it. But still it’s pretty early in December. They’ll be activated at some point though.
  7. The things we make have to be available to everyone this is available for everyone. We’re following the guidelines set by Bohemia. You can also prepare as well by having your house full. And being somewhat prepared to sell stuff as well. There are already other BI approved servers doing this too.
  8. I mean at the same time those people are also helping to keep the lights on for the rest of the community to also enjoy.
  9. Do explain why not? Busts are given to the server? Not just the key purchaser? Do explain? It’s given to the whole server not just a single player? Everyone is notified of the increased sales and gets the 12% if one person busts. You both seem like you’re tugging each other off in discord and are like oh boy this is breaking TOS. You guys seem retarded.
  10. Just a quick addition of a few select things... This will be live on the server in about 50 minutes from the time of this post. Any key purchases made prior will have to be opened in-game once the server restarts. Otherwise they just show as "blank items" and you risk breaking your account honestly. Added: Bust System If a player hits a bust in a loot crate, players will get 12% increased sales at majority of markets for 120 seconds for each bust. So if a player busts 4 times in a row there will be 8 minutes active of 12% increased sales for all players on the server.
  11. The word is don't tag us. Not true. They can see what's actively being worked on. They just should not be sharing the information.
  12. I replied to it and closed it...
  13. We have no control over this.... BE doesn't allow virtual machines running. Games like PUBG & EFT people would run VMs to capture network traffic and make radar cheats, etc with it. It's great they don't allow it.
  14. Yeah basically.... However there are some talented teens out there. A lot of people also ask if the age is a hard limit, it's not necessarily. Skill is more important. This 14-year-old girl won a $25K prize for a discovery that could lead to a cure for Covid-19: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/18/us/anika-chebrolu-covid-treatment-award-scn-trnd/index.html So if that 14yr old can figure out covid molecular shit, I can possibly find a monkey to make some designs.
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