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    Respawn Alternatives

    Will be fixed with our next hotfix. This will not be happening, as we do not want to cause a major disruption to the housing market or make it the meta to have a bunch of alt accounts with houses and just giving yourself keys and now you can spawn across the map, etc. At this time, we're just wanting them for storage/garage opportunities. If we allowed fewer houses to be owned, say 1 or something this would be more viable. However, at current settings this would allow for a person to have a lot of spawns..
  2. Our network graph for the last 7 days.
  3. Still the same plan as mentioned before. The week following the update.
  4. Day 6 of quaratine.. I've become attracted to the same sex.
  5. Correct. Correct. You can. It's not as simple as a "Switch House to this location" button. It's kind of like this for a reason. Sell or lose your house by natural means. Then use the menu to setup a new location. May need a server restart to occur prior to establishing the new house however. That's because gangs use to be per server and were entirely different. This is a different system that was built for multi-server support. Before the gang was attached a to a house. Now the house gets attached to a gang to allow multiple server support.
  6. Life happens. Then we get comments like this and it's like, eh fuck it, they're ungrateful for the work we do anyways.. you know the long hours spent on this, the time away from family, the long nights staying up fixing and making stuff. So who cares tbh. I know it's hard to believe that this pandemic affects people's lives. I work in the supply chain industry, we're expected to continue operations, plus some. I'm sorry, but I can't just stay home from work daily to do this stuff. I can't help that I got pretty sick last friday. There's a lot of stuff that happens now that I just don't let this game/community rule my life and how I'm going to live it anymore. My time here gets spent on more than just in-game coding stuff too. For example, at one point last week I had set about 45 minutes aside to help Painbringa get the ability to utilize our API to automate some APD process stuff. Then we have stuff that people are exploiting that we're trying to fix. We recently had some people we found exploiting a money issue. So we have to then remedy that both with the damages they did and code wise. Then we come across more and more stuff too. TL;DR - Being annoying about it honestly just gettings old and annoying. It doesn't help expedite things.. it really just delays it more tbh. It doesn't make me feel any more motivated to do the stuff...
  7. All the people in my surrounding towns felt that coronavirus gives you diarrhea. They bought all the TP but left the tissues. So I bought all the tissues. Hopefully the coronavirus doesn't cause coughing and sneezing...
  8. I had asked about this when v2 was being made. If we should spawn vehicles outside the garage. Was told no. It’s really just a few lines of code. There is no setting spawns outside each garage or anything... I felt it would be a good thing to have. The owners at the time said no that it has been like this and they wanted to keep just small vehicles able to be spawned. Yada yada.
  9. BE detects ahk as well. They just don’t ban for it due to uses beyond aim assisting.
  10. What’s your point? I am not very active? I gave up my owner role. Mitch is the owner. Not sure what you’re trying to imply? The fact I’m here still? Things are a bit different as well now. However I’m not where as active in this as I was before.
  11. Woah calm down buddy. I haven’t messaged you once. lol? All our others have been met on time? Sorry that real life things take priority? Maybe when you move out from your mothers basement, get a proper job and maybe even a girlfriend or something you’ll realize there are more important things than this game and forums.
  12. Yes. If you read my post you would’ve got an answer. “The new content for the goals will probably be all released in a giant lump I would say ideally the end of next week or the following week.”
  13. It'll be next week. I finished up the key stuff and redeployment stuff yesterday. Got my apartment keys today and moved some stuff. Gotta work the weekend. It'll be next week.
  14. If you read the post you would know
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