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  1. FYI - Only 7 hours left to apply if interested. I will be going through them tomorrow.
  2. Roleplay left arma a long time ago man. If you honest to god want an rp experience you should go to GTA before that gets to the current arma state.
  3. I wouldn’t say people cried about the crank stuff. I just don’t think it should be a primary money making method as it’s easy now that you can do it even further from cities. You could just do backpack loads back and forth to safety. Now you’ll have to work more to make more. Makes sense. With the change out now though I’ll be making it be able to done anywhere (so back in dps) probably keep x amount from the sell points though. Idk.
  4. Is what it is. I'm trying to fit it around my schedule. Not those who may not even show up.
  5. No like you're in the pocket of an admin or staff member. Like for example, Azeh may not have the ability to spawn his own money, but he may get 100k routinely from an admin or something. Causing him to not have to grind or get his own money.
  6. You seem to have good ideas. Feel free to apply here as well: https://discordapp.com/channels/132299082772250624/624078213999493120/715243873273905193
  7. Hey everyone, So one thing I took away from Olympus and believe strongly in is that your player base and their ideas are what help the server grow and become worth playing. It's hard for us as staff and developers who may have access to "admin money" or may not necessarily play the game always by the same means as a normal player. I know a lot of staff may just hop on for certain events being done or just to kind of hangout. One thing that I helped create on Olympus was a "Civilian Representative", which has now had multiple different adjustments and such to it. I've wanted to do something similar here for a long time, however, it was shot down a lot. I've talked to Mitch regarding it a couple times now and I'm going to give it a shot. This will be different however. In the past I've done "election terms", to just static people, etc. We are going to just take applications via the link below then as staff vote on who we would feel has the best applications and could be the most productive to our cause. I will take 3-5 people from the applications and extend them offers to have group conversations with myself either bi-weekly or monthly to come up with development ideas/adjustments/removals/changes, etc that should happen with the server. Not everything that is suggested will occur or anything like that, however, hopefully it'll get us some new content to spice up game-play. These will be "permanent" positions as long as the player stays active with time played on the server and doesn't miss 2 meetings in a row. Once the person misses 2 meetings in a row they will be removed and replaced. As far as the AFD/APD go, you will be reached out to via Discord chats. Meeting times will ALWAYS for the foreseeable future be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between ~7-10pm Central. If for some reason you cannot make it always message me. I'll send out PMs in advance as a reminder as well. However, it's up to you keep communication open. Payment: As long as you show up and make constructive feedback/suggestions to the discussion we will reward you for attendance. At this time the amount or what exactly that looks like is up for discussion but will be known prior to the first discussion and is open to modification at any time. Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLb7p7g4tDkOwkRYBdzDdG5ytBeJDO2HTGoN4qRhgqRkT7-A/viewform?usp=sf_link As always, please respond with any questions you may have or feel free to PM me. DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 1st, 2020 @ 23:59 Central! TL;DR - Important shit is highlighted. - Jesse
  8. Doing some market research... If Asylum had 1 of each server (KoTH, Conquest/Strife, Life Server) what would you rather be playing? Now, keep in mind, there would be no AFK paychecks on Strife lol.. You'd actually have to play it... Also, these would be Asylum specific and have possibly shared rewards across servers etc. Feel free to vote. Curious for answers to the following as well: What do you dislike about KoTH servers? What do you like most about KoTH servers? What did you like most about strife (not afk paychecks)? What did you dislike most about strife (not the removal of afk paychecks)?
  9. Yeah? You think we should just design what WE want? Not what the playerbase wants? We don't play the game. When the few of us do we're not playing it seriously and/or we've got staff money, etc. that is an unreal experience. That's how asylum got a karaoke thing in Kavala, that's how Paratus also made several other pointless and useless things no one asked for... I will gladly just make a chess game in a game that you're playing. We're not saying the community has to come up with every detail, we're just asking for suggestions that are worthwhile...
  10. Hi can you give me cop rank please. Do you remember me from the past? I wz ur frend

    1. Jesse


      Consider it done.

  11. Mitch is asking for content ideas and stuff to add in-game. Your post had zero content suggestions like half of the other posts in here. Everyone comments how we're lacking content or how we need more stuff.. No one offers ideas on what stuff needs changing or to be added. Almost everyone just offers mindless commentary that doesn't help...
  12. I mean, what's funny though is too, assuming your referencing SWAT is that even though higher ups in the APD knew what was coming and the general how it was gonna be (as they crafted the documentation with Mitch for it)... that they weren't even ready once it got released... Everyone wants to chew our asses for not releasing it sooner, etc.. yet your APD team dropped the ball decently too. And don't worry, we won't anymore... However, this isn't relevant at all to what mitch is asking for and not constructive to this post at all.
  13. You may just need a Visual Basic redistributable package installed.
  14. Jesse

    New Federal Event Idea

    Yeah? The purpose of multiple is so that it becomes harder to just see that the event is starting then go camp a dropoff. Or if you would arrive and some group or the cops camped it you could try a different drop off too. Or if you wanted more money you’d go further. The main reason of multiple was to prevent the desire to camp just 1.
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