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  1. i have read and discover the abilities you can aquire through talents. I like that very much. But then ... what's the reason to have medic slots? Turn them to cops, or civilians, or military corp or swat, traffic police, to give tickets to those who park at green or blue zones whatever When a gunfight is active , yes... you got a point 100%. But if the gunfight is over, why not to offer a short kind of immunity to EMT, plus 10' to bleeding out instead of 5', so there is more time to be able to help and RP better, only if 3 minutes passes after the last shot. Also the injured will be able to comply as he is today... You neither have to agree with what i m writing, nor to accept my opinion or to answer me... i m just making loud thoughts, and you lads might find something good (even 1 out of 100 is enough) to what i wrote... I hope i m clear and not misunderstood
  2. The only problematic abuse, at RP servers is usually when some admins form a gang, or a gang has more admins than others in key positions... Then they turn any RP server to light Zeus-gang server and they support their members more than they should Thats an abuse which should be stoped by the developers when it happens and when they discover it. Otherwise they should call their server Zeus, not RP Beware only of that one and Do not afraid any other abuse. Luv the idea!!! LoL... Or at least should be able to gear them selves as medics in army Plus grenades :))))
  3. Luv the idea!!! LoL... Or at least should be able to gear them selves as medics in army Plus grenades :))))
  4. I believe it doesnt really matter. There is no need to be important, just to be more respected. Fear of ban , will make ppl to respect them more. Its psychology In fact most of gamers respect medics, as far as i have played medic role. That is true. Although there are some morons, that they do not. Medics should be protected in somehow , from these morons.... thats my belief.
  5. All of the NO votes, next time they gonna need a medic assistance... just remember what you vote and why not enough medics are online to come and save your asses ... ROFL... unless you all have the ability to revive yourselves.... LoL
  6. I agree on what you say. That s why i m saying that medics should also follow rules as well. i.e. If he involves in an active gunfight, when bullets are spining around he is at his own responsibility and risk there... No ban reason if anyone shoots him within a reasonalbe distance.
  7. Furthermore, right now being a medic is more like a hobby.... More loses than gain. Why someone to play as a medic? But i m sure those who said no, dont care about it... cause medic is not something that you would choose to play The opinions tha really count is those from people who might want to play as medics and really want to help the gamers to survive in this RP The rest , i believe you can die or revive your self at Kavala or Georgetown
  8. There is no need to apply everything i wrote... I started a discussion. The most important is the outcome, not my suggestion as it is
  9. I understand all of your points, but i m only suggesting couple of things so people who want to play as medics to also enjoy the RP gameplay, as long as those who want to shoot, rob, kill, etc, etc, etc... When someone choose to play medic, know that he doesnt have a weapon. So why to be scared for doing it, about their life or their vehicles? It s not that bad to become a bit more strict... just a bit. That will bring more serius and mature gamers at servers, Not only random shooters from wasteland or King of the Hill. About hostage situations... medics have no weapons to defend themselves. Thats happening for a purpose. So in that way of thinking(of unarmed medics) i believe we should built a defence fro them who are unarmed
  10. Also Medics should follow some rules, like DNR(Do Not Revive) order. If they broke these rules, they should be also banned. So if someone says leave the area NOW or you ll be shot, if the medic will not abandon the area within certain time , he can be shot...
  11. Whitelisted or not, medics should be more respected, so they would be able to performe their RP role. Furthermore they should be able to fly other vehicles than Hummingbird Killing a medic should be reason for ban. Medics should not be taken as hostages. Stealing/Scraping Ambulance or Medivac vehicles should be reasonfor ban. Also Medics should follow some rules, like DNR(Do Not Revive) order. If they broke these rules, they should be also banned.
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