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  1. Goyney's certainly getting better with his graphics, quite proud of the boy tbh.
  2. haha he's fighting his pulldown trying to stop it shooting the ground
  3. Boris

    older gamers

    What, you mean you AREN'T a fan of the 300 battle royale clones? You don't like Fortnite or CSGO dude? lmao nerd.
  4. I join my brother tiger in ascendance. I hope the rest of you enjoy Asylum for a while longer, but as for me, I don't think there's ever going to be a comeback. It's dead. Good luck in the rest of your gaming adventures!
  5. Was thinking about getting on Asylum right now and... And now i'm going to go play another game.
  6. I'm surprised you found someone running coke.
  7. If those populations were merged i'd absolutely be hopping on the server right now, and it's almost 5am for me.
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