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  1. MrJackintheBox

    V2 feedback

    I know my master never taught me to read. Tobi try though.
  2. MrJackintheBox

    V2 feedback

    Sorry I was off a year. POINT is that I've been on longer than most of you. Kek. Are you the internet grammar police? O noooooooooooooooo.
  3. MrJackintheBox

    V2 feedback

    Hmmm just seems like you are with all the rebels yelling nerf and delete. But I guess that's what happens when you get outplayed. Been playing for over 7 years now. So I've been around and this community does dumb shit so yeah my point is valid.
  4. MrJackintheBox

    V2 feedback

    Bring back bounty hunting...all you are doing is losing player base, by taking things out. Funny how when I started playing on your servers there was 5. Lol now you are down to 2. And it will continue to die. Hmmm stop taking things away...like bounty hunting maybe.
  5. To be honest if you take away bounty hunting you need to take out the RP part in your server names. Bounty hunting is a way of life like any other role on the servers (cop, civ, rebel, terrorist organizations, ect.....) You are now just pandering to the rebel side and turning your game into another PUBG type game. No thank you.
  6. Sad day for bounty hunters. rebels get everything I guess.
  7. Lmao of course you say nerf them more. So much hate cause you get outplayed. Yet funny how your bullets can go through walls. And still cry to nerf and take body armor.
  8. Well I guess if it gets removed I can just go to another server. RIP good times in Asylum. I will miss you.
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