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  1. Land Oil Cartel Shed For Sale! ~ Nearest Purchasable Real Estate to the Land Oil Cartel Capture Zone/Flag ~ 800 meters from Agios Dionysios Gas Station/Store ~ Only 2 Kilometers from Cocaine Field ~ Only 2 Kilometers from Wong's Triad city cap ~ Only 2.5 Kilometers from Zaros Turf ~ Only 3 Kilometers from Drug Cartel Free Fire Peninsula ~ Only 3 Kilometers from Therisa Air Shop ~ Only 4.8 Kilometers from Main Air Shop ~ Able to Capture Oil Cartel from within the Shed ~ Fully Upgraded Virtual Inventory ($50,000) ~ Fully Upgrade
  2. NEAREST HOUSE TO DRUG RUNNER 1 NPC FOR SALE!!! + 700 Meters from Spirit Distillery ( Fast Backpack Runs) + 1.6 K from Wong’s Cartel (Tower Cap) + 50 Meters from Drug Runner 1 NPC (Vehicle Spawn) + Fully Upgraded Virtual Inventory (1000) ($35,000 Value) + Fully Upgraded Physical Inventory (300) ($22,000 Value) + Active Aging Barrel ($20,000
  3. Not to be a bother,  I'm not sure if it'll take a restart but the comp from my report hasn't rolled in yet. Hard logged and typed !comp in chat. Once again I appreciate your review.

    1. Floki_The_Reaper


      and now my blind ass sees that I could just message you. lmao

  4. ...What does that have to do with the price of tea in china?...
  5. Don't know why this sounds like a good idea. Might sound good to an admin but not the player base who frequents the server regularly. If the number of houses allowed were to be reduced the capacity of inventory in houses would need to be upgradable even more than they are now, by multiple levels. Garages would need significant storage space added to it too. Perm house keys would need to be revocable and shouldn't be able to be given to other players by someone who's not the owner.
  6. In Game Name: Floki_The_Reaper Hours In Arma: https://gyazo.com/94737c8a3f323250c12db4ae64c1b77d Previous Gangs: Reapers Previous Bans: RDM / Clogging Why do I want to be in BLS?: I have friends in BLS, It's an awesome group that gets things done on Altis. No other gangs or even the APD compare in strength and ability.
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