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  1. Domestic AbusersRequirements750+ Hours on Arma 3 NO Knowledge of Cartels LITTLEKnowledge of Federal Events LITTLERacist NOMust gamble 500k at the casino (bi-weekly) I CAN DO 8 MIL BI DAILYMust be at least 15 (exceptions can be made) IM 6Must be a Roleplayer TOTALLY NOTMust Sacrifice your first born OFCApplication FormatName - Jake The Hash Slinging Slasher Hours (screenshot) - 5 hours Age - 6 Previous Gangs - Requiem Synthetic Drunk squad Asphyxiate Taliband Teamplayers Virtue Vindictive Construction Crew Kachow Discord @ - JakeTheGreat#5488LeadersSteve Cosma Nenja Jake
  2. Hmmmm, by the looks of the photo kinda looks like your moms room under her sheets, Ill grab it for you while im over there tn!
  3. how the fuck do you make money on that server?
  4. Ayo invic, lets go for a walk in the park tmr?
  5. https://gyazo.com/34cd741b337ae352b283028ad94d21a1 There ya have it folks, Bergeman is a cheater.
  6. Alan you miss so it doesnt matter how you get ur speedbomb.
  7. Isnt there a castle up there or sum, just gotta put some use to dp-4, its all lonely up there
  8. Maybe add another cartel up in DP4, like a casino cartel were all busts 5% of it goes to the casino cartel owner
  9. That shit was dirty, coulda made yourself a whole coptage from that DidSomebodyCallTheJanitors#MOPPED
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