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  1. Leave a Gang? One week cooldown on joining your next gang
  2. Pm me directly, I'll grab it up, you'll be happy with sell-price.
  3. Leroy Jenkins


    The ability to buy $500K Pawnee's for any players reaching 500-freakin'-million dollars in Asylum!!!!
  4. Limit the hex visibility distance to 500 meters to avoid allied gang positions not in the immediate area. Don't allow sixth sense visibility of dead allied members and if one allied gang gets initiated, the other gang is still required to initiate if they choose to assist and engage.
  5. Ok, we're experiencing Topic-creep, this post isn't about Lumber and hardwood...
  6. Any game mechanic that displays allied gang mates but not island-wide, just 500 meters
  7. This idea was DH | Jeff Stall's and it's an awesome idea to create a new dimension to a dying server. "Alliance Agreements" between gangs where allied gangs within 500 meters see the light-hex we usually see when one of our own gang members is zip-tied by bounty hunters. To avoid frivolous alliances, a fee of $50K each gang involved could be paid to the govt. Allied gang members would see the light hex when within 500 meters of each other but normal initiation requirements would remain unchanged as would "sixth-sense" talent (dead allied members not seen on map even with sixth-sense talent). Best idea I've heard since someone suggested altering Lumber Mills to Textile Mills for all clothing crafting. Does anyone even go to Lumber Mill anymore since Admins destroyed the price of hardwood sales?
  8. Not sure about Drunk Squad, are they new? There are a lot of new gangs on the island these days. I wish them all the luck in the world.
  9. I'm done typing...just watch this if you have a spare 12 minutes for my rant on existential and consequential concerns (not greedy suggestions on how to make scrubs richer or more powerful)...Thanks! https://youtu.be/SyFeQ_Se5a8
  10. Just keep both servers up but advise everyone its survival is directly tied to community support (i.e. donations, subscriptions, etc.). That way everyone's happy and they have skin-in-the-game. I'd subscribe for $5/month to keep both servers up, as is...and I know a ton of others would do the same. If subscriptions/donations drop off, convey the problem and if the community doesn't support, then shut it all down. This solution puts a bit more control or influence back into the hands of the community and costs the owner nothing.
  11. The stats are completely false as to normal game-play. The passive money in Sativa / Indica seeds presented a problem where no one needed to venture out of their home cities. The solution to that was to remove seeds which was accomplished, albeit a bit late. The other unspoken problem is jealousy; the ability to know what every player has financially, created dissention, greed and hatred. Just eliminate the richest list (we all know who won) and removed public bank information from My Gaming Asylum. Also, create a requirement for at least 8 to 10 hours of game-play every month (not afk time,) to retain houses. Then let's get back to the old server and be done with all of the false statistics which have no bearing in day-to-day gaming of normal, established players.
  12. Wipe = bad idea. I thought it would be fun starting over and it was kinda fun but I'm ready to go back to the old server and start spending all the money!!! btw, i was only able to buy four sheds during that trial-period, sad... And why is the vote worded "keep your money and do nothing with it"? If I have 45 jets in my garage and you have 1, how does that affect your gameplay? Stop sharing people's bank account publicly and mind your own house/wealth and the millennials won't be jealous of what they don't have and perhaps work to get more for themselves...just a boomer idea...
  13. 8. Add Venmo-like app to iPhone so we can transfer money quickly anywhere on the island;
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