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  1. I still remember that like it was yesterday...lol, thanks for sharing...I stayed under the powerlines for a bit hoping that would screw him up...
  2. Leroy Jenkins


    Dillon!!! You will be missed! We had a blast wrecking guys on the Island!!! Pop into the TS to say Hi and good luck with everything!!!
  3. We'll never know how many people TRIED to log in, saw the 115 cap on S1, and went to play a completely different game...of course, you could always prove me wrong by starting a second server for a month or two and when you're right and the total server pops aren't enough, then close it down...
  4. How would you ever know how many people are waiting to get in though? There could be potentially another 115 players trying to get in but we'll never know without a second server for overflow.
  5. Half the answer in the path to wealth is wealth preservation. You young kids will learn that much too late in life for it to make a huge difference.
  6. Simple suggestion, probably not doable but here goes. Add more transparency and information about the Gang Bank cartel money accrual for Arms, Drug & Wong's. A gang leader of a large gang needs 3 pieces of information to pay gang members fairly. Those present for the cap or perhaps those present for at least 10 minutes of the 20 minute capping time, the length of time the cartel was held and earned, and the dollar amount those cartels actually gained. Cartel capping has almost vanished since the gang bank payouts have been severely nerfed through either Asylum's calculation in the background or perhaps barely anyone's running illegal activities, or both. As a result, barely anyone caps cartels unless they need it for 30 minutes, then if it gets taken away, who cares.
  7. I just looked for it but I deleted it a few months ago...sorry...
  8. Go back in and +1 that gang-tag suggestion and see how many friends you can get to also. It's gaining traction. Thanks!

  9. Yes, exactly. No choice in the player's discretion. If they're part of a gang, the tag is displayed. If they want to not use a tag, they'll be relegated to leave a gang. There are tons of gang members who refuse to proudly display tags, and this promotes cowardly single-member gangs who, if required to display tags in the player list, might be much more encouraged to join a larger gang. This would promote more turf and cartel activity and would probably ramp up the action for APD as well. Both of these promote the economy and stir up action, allowing legal-activity players to go about their business with reduced threat.
  10. Recommend automatic gang tags be displayed on each and every gang player if they are a member of a gang while playing civilian. It's time to man-up little scared boyz...
  11. A gang should never be relegated to just its name or title. It's the people, it's all about the people...as long as we're having drama-free fun on the island and constantly disrupting the economy, the police force and citizens/rebels...
  12. Sorry guys but the Marine Corps Judge Advocate Division's latest cease and desist letter kinda freaked me out. Apparently, the real Darkhorse battalion guys have been watching our videos for a while my latest letter from the JAD sounds ominous and I'm not paying a fine or getting held accountable irl for a video game. So henceforth, Darkhorse has rebranded itself as Black Label Society and is currently recruiting. We had a good run under the Marine 3/5 designation but the YouTube videos put a bright spotlight on us and we received the wrong kind of irl attention. At this point, none of the videos have to be removed. Requirements: Have and/or know how to make money Knows what (Tac Coms) means and can actually do it Team Player/No toxic crap with team mates or other players Has a pretty good understanding of the game Likes to troll and have fun Application Format: In Game Name: Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): Previous gangs: Previous bans, be specific: Why do you want to be on BLS?:
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