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  1. Got this main idea from DS| Ebola and it's the best one I've heard in a while...here's my variant on his idea. Option 1 - Allow BH's to convert their extra Honor points to increase their Bounty cap at a straight one-to-one ratio; Option 2 - Allow BH's to convert 50% of their extra Honor Points to increase their Bounty cap; Option 3 - Allow BH's to pay the full amount of Honor cap increase in Cash plus extra Honor points to increase their Bounty cap i.e. I have 233,000 extra Honor. I would pay $233K in cash plus all of my extra Bounty points and increase my Bounty Cap to plus $233K
  2. Can confirm this concern/recommendation is not on the Admin or Dev's radar. Can confirm one Admin attempted to speak vaguely somewhere in the area topic of turfs but failed to comprehend the full meaning of the suggestion. Can confirm this thread is DOA.
  3. OMG, best reply I've seen in a while. When I read it, I was thinking, how does this answer anything pertaining to the suggestion??? It was like a politician's non-answer with plenty of words but no real content. Let's try one more time Gen. Henry Arnold, is there a 5-gangmember cap now or has that limitation been removed? Thanks, we're all dying to know...
  4. So what you are saying is you no longer have a gang member cap at turfs?
  5. Remove the maximum 5-gang member limit. Gang after gang is completely exploiting this limitation without any regard for overall spirit of the rule. They log in and out (or kill each other) within the active turfs and are always able to maintain a maximum-strength number of fighters through careful coordination in Discord or TS. It's so obvious to any experienced turf fighter that any 4-year old can watch it occurring in sidechat real-time. It's a higher-game tactic and it works but it's difficult and time consuming for Admin(s) to narrow down which gangs or players are abusing it. Just remove the limit and let's treat them just like cartels and be done with it. Thanks.
  6. Application Accepted - Please refer to PM's for further progression leee, your inbox appears to be full so please PM me directly. Thank you. Application Accepted - Please refer to PM's for further progression
  7. Yo yo, property! hmu

  8. He just did outbid me. He bid 11 million. That's a requirement of 9,167 Scotch processed, aged, processed a second time and successfully transported and sold at Wong's without rebel, BH, hacker or APD intervention. Face, I doubt anyone will outbid you. Well done.
  9. If you press my Initiate button, a canned msg would be sent to all their gang members saying YOU'RE initiated...no need to get creative from there
  10. Forced gang tags on map's Player list, not in game where you have to be close enough to see them. I use a hot key but others word stuff incorrectly and no one turns red, if you initiate with MY button, all turn red, wording won't matter, it just notifies all gang members anywhere on the island, they're initiated.
  11. Horns are great but there are other much more need areas on which to focus in my opinion. Let's tackle these two please: 1. Forced gang tags: no more hiding in cowardice without gang tags. If you're in a gang, display it proudly (or leave the gang). If you make a group, no problem, display the group name abbreviation AND the gang tag in brackets. 2. Initiation button on the iPhone: Select a name and press Initiate. Doesn't matter what vehicle or aircraft your target is in, you're initiated. No more language or wording/phrasing problems. When you select Initiate, both gangs become red for each other no matter the distance. Also, you cannot logout through normal means nor suicide or you get a reminder about combat logging. These are legitimate areas of concern for actual players of the game. 3. If you die in a vehicle or aircraft, defib is NOT possible? Major game glitch I hope, we all hope, is addressed next. Thanks for listening
  12. Congratulations to player Voter fraud for finally passing me on the richest list. I’m not sure how long I was at the top of the list but I think we’d all agree it was too long…way too long. I’m happy to still have a bit of cash in the bank but I’d like to express to all the players on the Island the amount of time spent, use of efficient methods and risk/reward assessment to climb to the top is nothing trivial and we all owe him a huge congratulations for such an outstanding achievement. Well done Voter fraud!!!
  13. A recent Arma 3 update caused this. Solution: Close Arma, close Arma Launcher. In Steam Library, right click on Arma, Properties, select local files tab, click "Verify Integrity of Game Files". Problem solved.
  14. I still remember that like it was yesterday...lol, thanks for sharing...I stayed under the powerlines for a bit hoping that would screw him up...
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