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  1. Yeah I am aware of this, part of the reason I am pushing for A-EMT right now. I went the route of RP in the post of course. I feel if we have access to choppers we should have access to protective equipment. Thanks! Indeed, it's disheartening to have it happen to a patient. Aye, flying helos and having to open the map can be hazardous. Especially at low level on a tactical approach. Obviously putting a mark on the point with shift click helps a lot but sometimes I get a bug where my map is constantly zooming in and it is rather difficult to get an accurate mark. Marks on GPS IMO would increase SA so much without sacrificing being able to see your surroundings. Outside of the server I use TAO folding map to great effect and it is a must have while flying.
  2. Introduction: Hi, my name is Geoff. I fly a lot and thoroughly enjoy my role as an EMT on Altis. One of my favourite taskings under EMS is SAR (Search and Rescue), particularly Airborne SAR, and through my few but fairly numerous hours flying the M900 as an EMT I learned a few things... 1. 2+ EMS per bird is better than 1 for the application of medical support to Civs and Cops alike. 2. Airdropped EMTs improve the safety and survivability of both EMS and our patients due to a more rapid execution of our taskings. 3. The M900 has decent visibility that could be better. 4. EMS vehicle colours are not as aesthetically pleasing, practical or recognisable as they could be. 5. Patient marks do not appear on the GPS. 6. EMS needs the ability to insta-heal people who are sliding and MAYBE, if possible, a way to put out vehicle fires. This post is intended to explore potential improvements to the TTPs/SOPs/Equipment of EMS, particularly pertaining to airborne units. Effectiveness of Paradropped EMS: Recently I have started an experiment on the feasibility of air dropped EMS as a means to covertly and safely rescue victims of accidents, violence and crime among the people of Altis. So far, I have found that some situations previously inaccessible have become viable opportunities to save lives. Numerous times I have received dispatches to hostile areas where I have feared for my ability to safely conduct operations as EMS, using certain tactics I could get the job done. What has allowed me to be successful in some of these situations is diligent surveillance of a scene from the air, and copious amounts of tactical speed and situational awareness in the performance of my duties. This led me to an idea, dropping EMS by parachute covertly over a developing scene. While such a tactic is dangerous and could lead to a hostage situation, I believe with capable individuals great things can be achieved. Paradropping reduces the number of landings to 1 short landing (a 'surprise landing' to pick up units and patients, achieved with great speed) in a hostile environment which is key to ensuring the safety of EMS and the victims. Supporting elements in a drop are key to the success of EMS as well as the successful and safe employment of parachutes at low altitudes. Supporting elements could utilise equipment enabling: surveillance of a scene; multiple egress options; and 'distracting' any potential threats. Intel is extremely important; (Drone access?) we must know who we are picking up and whether they have friends in the area. An unpredictable part of such an operation is the patients themselves. Ensuring cooperation is key to the preservation of life in these dangerous situations. Ensuring cooperation of a patient can be achieved in a few ways: 1. Monetary motivation, "I'll give you 50k to quietly come with me."; 2. Scare Tactics, "If you remain on scene you WILL die."; 3. Appealing to Empathy, "Don't die on me, I want you out of here safe. I'll have PTSD etc...". This idea is not fully tested as of now, at the moment we are in the early stages of practical testing. The M900: The M900 is a capable and effective platform under these conditions, unfortunately there are a few issues with the platform. The Paint Job: The M900s paint scheme is adequate but could better represent EMS and sub-units in particular. Space for unit emblems could further diversify EMS, and allow the creation of sub-units with specialties. The colouring is suitable but it may be necessary to adjust the scheme so it is harder to spot from above for the purposes of the above role (Perhaps a separate scheme in which the colours are dulled out or a camo-like pattern). In one sortie I was tracked by some airborne guerrillas, until I was able to shake them through creative flying. Minor changes I can immediately recommend is a resizing of the EMS logo and moving said logo to the passenger doors. As well as moving the “Medevac” to the position of “Fire Rescue”. “Fire Rescue” could be moved to the tail or onto the passenger door in proximity with the EMS logo. A high-vis and a low-vis version of the M900 and other helos. The low vis would have the colours we do now with minor changes. The High-vis would be a mix of yellow, red and white with maybe 70% of the helo being white, 30% red and finally, yellow stripes as per the current scheme. The Doors: If there is some way to allow removal of the doors for the pilot and co-pilot positions it would dramatically increase visibility and tactical capacity. They offer little in the way of protection and due to SOPs mandating the use of harnesses, are redundant. It would allow rapid dismounting from the Helo. Protective Gear: One thing that has puzzled me is the inability for EMTs to get access to flight helmets, these are crucial to the safe operation of aircraft. [If the ballistic protection is why not, a solution is to remove said property and make them available.] [Bugs:] [A big issue working as an EMS right now, is the sliding bug. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try you can’t heal someone who is sliding too much. If we get access to an insta-heal function, perhaps as an EMT+ action it would help players dramatically. It’ll mean we have to instil that you can’t use it at any point in time except on a bugged player and exploiting it will be an issue.] Intended Possible Outcomes: Ultimately if no changes are made after review of this post, I wouldn’t mind. I’d still play a lot on the server. As for the para-EMS stuff I consider that an idea floated out there. My mates and I are going to be trying this stuff occasionally, I’d like to see what people think about this concept of a ‘special’ EMS sub-unit within the service even if it is not an official one. As for the other changes, this post is intended to create a dialog on some of this stuff and stimulate discussion. Thanks for reading! AUS_Geoff.. With help from: Inverted_Rouge.
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