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  1. Welcome to "MEGA" Gang Recruitment Post Follow Format Ingame name: Hours Played: Method of money making: Skills: Made by - CamMan
  2. I was copying his text becuse i had a feeling that was going to happen, i always think ahead I would like to also say sorry
  3. I am a full time rebal now just trying to help some new players out thats all
  4. [Ok so dont get mad at me] but bounty hunter should have a honor perk or skill perk that allowes them to remove more than 1 bounty at a time every 5 min
  5. AFD needs a impound system so that we can tow cars back to hospital and use a interaction menu just like the CHOP SHOP but instead it will be used on impounding the car [ impound lot ] Money will vary on how much the Retrieve car from garage cost Examples: 1.Tempest device is $2000 to pull out so we will make $2000 2. Truck boxer $700 so $700
  6. its been a long time and a lot of name changes but it was the good days
  7. In-game name - CamMan Age - 17 Timezone - US EST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - https://gyazo.com/fe80c5007f1eb108c2b54f2e6eca3cb1 Bank Balance - 1.7mil Previous Gangs (if any) - Imperium on tanoa, PEPE, SR. APD Rank (if any) - None
  8. ill be back on at 10;30 est today and sure
  9. So Does this mean everyone application is on hold for now because i applied 1 week ago
  10. Theirs more rebels and civs so yes care about big numbers
  11. I blame the new combat log system. The Old days was bounty hunter fear CL "Combat Log" and had to record, Now Anyone with $2,000 bounty fear of this and has to record. If you check the statistics of Bounter Hunter to Rebels/Civs. Rebels and civs make up the popularity. Bounty hunters are abusing the new system, even know they were the ones that wanted the change. Ever since they got the change, they are abusing more an more.
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