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  1. Montage is legit my guy
  2. Na no bullshit it really did I showed it to the admin. But was a good kill. Some just aren't as good as others
  3. Clip corrupted unlucky really Love you bbg Egh I can neither confirm nor deny
  4. HooDi


    Add more vanilla backpacks or invis leg strap and shit just give loadouts more diversity
  5. Huge +1 really shit when the servers lagging and ur ifrits blow up they aren't exactly cheap
  6. you're always so angry short man syndrome really
  7. @Mitch (IFRIT)Thank you can give me pilot coveralls and a sexy ifrit skin for Christmas suprise me <3. 76561198135657789
  8. Yeah but they feed more when ponytails in charge
  9. true dont have the plague dogs running around feeding clips on dom anymore
  10. HooDi


    Man Corey Dodds says Im cheating because he cant compete with me even with cheats now everyones on the bandwagon my penis can hold you jump on
  11. HooDi


    You kids are all so in love with me Ill sell you arma lessons $50 an hour
  12. HooDi


    Push the update to remove smoke blur already or make it less harsh as its so bad. Center the names in smoke people use the long ass names or titles and the name are so off
  13. I have nothing to lie about if you wanna suck my dick and say its good just go ahead
  14. HooDi

    Domination Sway

    I was always better than you just know that
  15. HooDi

    Domination Sway

    Remove weapon sway on domination or decrease it cba with it
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