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  1. Might as well be, arent you two brothers or something? With the amount of mischief you two get into there might as well be 30 of you.
  2. Thats only when you guys are there. Once one of you hood rats show up everyone drops what we are doing to go fight the zerg.
  3. I can literally feel the love in this thread.
  4. They fucking lit me up, I swear I dont know how that RV didnt explode.
  5. But they ended up shooting the shit outa me. Afterwards I shot that damn Taru with an RPG but it didnt blow it up......thanks for nerfing those!
  6. Thats a great point......but I dont know how to write code, so I cant help in that regard. I had heard someone once suggest to have polls on the changes the players think would make the game more fun. Then have the developers give Clint an estimate of man hours and costs involved with implementing it. Clint could post that number and tell players, "great, you wanted this, now step up and pay for it." Post donation progress reports so we could see how close we are. Id gladly pay for development time to get results that the players want.
  7. Ding ding ding......winner winner chicken diner. There is no game like Arma, and the deeper meta game within the life style Arma servers has never been topped. But no one knows about it. Word of mouth alone is not good enough. Ive had a fucking blast playing this game but if it wasnt for Leroy Jenkins I would have never heard of it. V2 fixed the biggest issue of server instability (Thank you!!!). Now that is fixed, the next thing they need to do is spread out the money making zones more effectively. New players cant make money because they cant buy homes and the red zones are too tightly packed together, making it too easy to get robbed or grabbed by the cops. Its so hard to find money making homes for new players. If there was more stuff spread out over the map, it would make cities that no one ever goes to more desirable to buy homes at. Sure, that would make it harder for cops to patrol the whole island but who gives a shit? What would be the consequence of people having great money making making sources and they werent always getting caught by the cops or getting robbed? What would happen if everyone on the island could buy Orkas and load outs and .50 cals? People would be running around, shooting the shit out of each other and having fun......is that a bad thing? Increase the legal money making opportunities as well.
  8. Hey, Ill rob whatever I can. I always love new opportunities.
  9. First of all, yes you are. Secondly, this is my point, its arbitrary and random. Ive had admins tell me that you could do just that. It all depends on which admin you get.
  10. Well, that and the fact that we were already initiated......and the fact that I re-initiated on you just to be sure, so you were double stuff initiated. But you do you.
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