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  1. Why are you so sensitive over being gay, its OK, its 2020 shem.....relax, you are among people that dont judge.
  2. Shit, I always miss out on the juicy gossip. LOL, oh shit, just watched the video........you big balls mother fucker!! LOL, how do you walk with those things hangin?
  3. No, c'mon kid, you're just toxic dog shit.
  4. Hoodlum Priest


    See ya man, just cause you aint playing Arma anymore dont mean you cant stop in our TS once and a while to say hey. We miss ya kid.
  5. Gangs need to be able to form a 5 man intervention squad. Where they can purchase downing guns that only work at casino. So they can go in and down gang mates addicted to that shitty black jack game and kidnap them to bring them to a gamblers anonymous treatment facility. RIP Floki.
  6. Good kills, but jesus the fucking noise you kids call music. WTF is that auto tuned shit?
  7. Oof......that tanked the market on turf houses.
  8. Wait, you can detonate vests inside a vehicle? I didnt know that. Ohhhhh, that changes some things.
  9. I guess thats where Im going wrong, I dont use it enough because I dont want to hard peek. I guess its just a time and place thing. Cool tage.
  10. Im stating that he knows how to do something I dont. Im not an Arma physics expert and apparently Im doing something wrong. Im too old to play games through implication and innuendo. If I thought he was cheating I'd just say it.
  11. Jesus, are you never out of breath? I could have the lightest load out and if I take two steps my reticle sways all over the place while I catch my breath. Your reticle doesnt move. I need more cardio or something.
  12. Yeah, lets just leave it where it takes 30 minutes of spamming the server every time you want to get in. Lets see what that does to server pop.
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