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  1. Oh........Bherkys my illegitimate son, I have to protect him.
  2. Buncha toxic douche nozzles. I know you dont walk around talking shit like that IRL.....none of ya. Silly pukes. Good job kid, dont listen to these dipshits.
  3. But he's not wrong. Kinda simple, but not wrong.
  4. I dont notice a difference, I seem to die from one shot like I always do. I honestly cant think of the last time someone wounded me......my avatar must have a head the size of a volkswagon. I honestly dont care about the armor, I just hate the color of csats. May as well be neon pink. The granites blend in better.
  5. Rules are only for us little guys. Rules for thee not for me as it were.
  6. True but I would move coke field too....its been there forever and its way too close to the MSR, passing cops can almost see vehicles from the roadway without even going into the red zone.
  7. Why not Oreo then? They really need to put something up in that area. Its great terrain to fight in. Its remote but not too hard for cops to get to from Kavala, but not easy enough that no one will run coke. And its about 1/2 the houses of Syrta.
  8. I like the idea of moving it. I would give people a bit more remote location......like Syrta. This gives a safer location for solo player to run coke, which I think is important. It gives solo and newer players a way to make real money. Putting it in Syrta puts them equidistant to Athira or Kavala drug dealer for selling and Syrta is a bigger town, more houses to occupy....like Dorida used to be.
  9. Bring back RPGs. Would love to help APD stop those nasty fed events.
  10. That wasnt me with that SUI.....I just watched it happen. He didnt do it to show how good he was, he did it so we could laugh about it. And when I bought under that box to kill you, I didnt ambush you. You knew I was there and I shot you in the face when you peeked me.
  11. How many gold bars were in the Tempest that got sui vested that you were driving the other day?
  12. Fucking hell.....that jumping out of the deer stand move is OP as fuck.....LOL!! Good tage.
  13. Let cops respawn with armor and 7.62s. Buff the vehicle to make tires and engines harder to shoot out. If you do it right, the other factor is that most people wont even know where to go. Only the cops will know origin and destination. If the cops are sneaky they might be able to make it to their destination without encountering anyone. The goal honestly isnt even for the cops to win. It forces the fight. The real fun will be the fight it will encourage between everyone trying to roach it Give the cops a financial reward for pulling it off successfully. Make it just like any other event, it cant happen during a fed event
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