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  1. Cant RPG a frit for $80k anyways because you cant buy them. Put them back to full power. Their rarity warrants full kaboom. I shot a damn Taru right in the face the other day. Killed the pilot, no kaboom. How the hell does an RPG7, which can take out an armored vehicle, not destroy a heli?
  2. Metallica definitely lost it after the black album. I always thought they made a deal with the devil. They sold their souls for 5 good albums, after that they went to shit.
  3. Metallica, up till the Black album. Gotta give props to Judas Priest, they pushed the needle in the 80's, Corrosion of Conformity, Sepultura, Tool (not really metal but close enough).
  4. Why do people not understand this?
  5. Trade ya this house plus $500k for that shed.
  6. Saw that and thought hmmmmm......homeboy never stole any rubber before obviously.
  7. LOL, you have no idea how he spends it!!! @Leroy Jenkins Cue the "Its good to be rich" video. Just cause he isnt putting speed bombs on ifrits doesnt mean he doesnt spend money.
  8. I think it should be the cops discretion if who they are fighting is using lethal force. If You are shooting at me with a 7.62 and all I have is an MX, then I should be able to load lethals. It only makes sense to match lethal force with lethal force. If I kill you though, you shouldnt lose your bounty and the cop should get no money for it. Bounties should only be paid on living prisoners. If I load lethals, I lose out on the option to capture and get the bounty. If I want the bounty, I have to risk using downing rounds and get to you to restrain you without getting killed myself. Doing it this way dismisses all the issues regarding the grey areas of when using lethals or not should or shouldnt be approved. If youre robbing fed and shooting it out with cops, getting lethaled should be expected.
  9. I brought this up before. This is a perfect solution. If you get shot out of a vehicle, your shit shouldnt go flying out of the window.
  10. Oh my god, did I just agree with this guy? When I have sniped you off 1st ATM I save the clip and log off calling it a win for the day. A montage will follow.
  11. We will see you around. It may not be what it once was, there is still nothing like it. Take it easy, good playing with you. Iron Man dies in the end!!!!
  12. Not me, I dont run scotch anymore.
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