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  1. Wait......people cheat at this game? Oh teh noes.....whod a thunk it?
  2. I would like to officially say I am contrite and apologetic for my shameful treatment of Bamboo Union and their gang members. I was unaware that you were actual human beings with real feelings. You are welcomed in my humble city of Athira at anytime.
  3. They are always on the beach and that is always sand. So just look on the map for an area next to the water that has a beach area big enough to cover the entire picture. I can only see three on the map.
  4. Yep, theres only 3 places it could be.....not too hard to check.
  5. Holy shit. The internet is the death of culture and civility. You kids are crazy.
  6. Dude, theres no way he even could have seen that coming, when you were done planting it he was already about 50.
  7. Yeah, he managed to overcome it by brokering his fathers position and influence as Vice President to corruptly land a deal with a Ukrainian energy company to get paid millions of dollars so his father would call off the dogs regarding the criminal investigation of the same company for corruption because they were swindling millions of dollars in American tax money. Fucking thieving piece of shit. And so is his crack addict son.
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