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  1. So you didnt make a video, or you dont believe I thought we were friends?
  2. Again, youre gaslighting brother. I aint the one that made a 5 minute long video of me blowing up the wrong house. The funny part is you say in your video that shooting the electrical box to blow up a one crater isnt exploiting, you checked with the admins!! Thats only funny because the day before, you caught me blowing up your gang house that way and you were so mad that you made a ticket trying to report me for exploiting, only to find out that it isnt. Honestly, I never meant to get you that angry at me Billy. I thought you would be a good sport about all this.....I would NEVER try to get you or any DS banned. I thought we were friends. Now I am sad.
  3. Who the fuck is taking this seriously? Kicking people from gangs for bullshit reasons is your specialty. Tank left cause he got called out for being a cunt.
  4. They have a bad habit of kicking their most productive members because someone on their A team whines and cries that someone not on the A team doesnt want to put up with their bullshit. Then Billy pouts about it for months when it costs them most of their gang.
  5. LOL, you do know that 80 percent of those people havent logged in to this game in years right? DS has dwindled in active membership so bad that they have to resort to teaming up with AR to try to beat us. Even with good players like R4T and Not Mike they got wiped over and over again by us with less people. Oof is right, must suck to need janitorial service all day yesterday after those bottom barrel players wiped you over and over.
  6. We actually still love the DS guys, Billy is just raging Look, we all know Tommy is a madman.......but hes our madman and we love him.
  7. Again, what are you talking about? Weve been playing with the same core guys for 4 years now.....in and out of DS. Its all good, I thought you were trolling us, but now I see you are getting really angry. I'll stop.
  8. ....and we are glad to have them. We give each other shit but Im actually cool with almost all of them. LOL, what the hell are you talking about?
  9. LOL, yeah, OK buddy. Im sorry that you miss us so much that all you can do is cry about it on every posts and every chance you get. I know it hurts your feelings that we left you twice taking most of your gang with us.......both times. Dont worry, we will be back in another few months to take the rest. We got our eyes on Plad, Nate, Luke and Coco next. Are you just now realizing that Tommy dont like you?
  10. Most of the updates are great improvements.....and thanks for adding the extra houses...... But good lord, WTF happened to Wongs? It couldnt have taken more than 2.5 minutes to put that together.
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