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  1. Think of it as a killswitch if you are downed. So a guy has a big bounty and hes trying to keep it. So prior doing the bank, he spends another $35k to buy a killswitch. If he gets downed by cops, it blows....killing only him. This way if his gangmates can fight off the cops, they can res him, if not, he doesnt get caught and he doesnt lose his bounty. Or he can respawn and get back into the fight.....up to him.
  2. Make a remote trigger that the second you get downed, it blows up and kills you. Make it expensive, $35 to $50k....but guys carrying bigger bounties will spend the cash on them.
  3. No, actually I was just being salty because Loui (sp?) seems to have a hard on for DH. I dont really care, I never use that house because its blown up 24/7 anyways. But for what its worth, it is a shitty look for an active admin to team up with an opposing gang to do shit like that. Yeah, its just a video game and who cares, I get it. But it hurt my feelings.
  4. C'mon man!!!! So now shitbag admins spawn in gunner frits to blow up active players houses to help their gang mates? What a turd sucker. Nah, servers not dying.....not at all.
  5. Dont forget berries, Leroy loves his berries.
  6. Darkhorse has a hole in its roster that needs to be filled ASAP. We are looking for a gang member with specific skills. These skills include but are not limited to: 1) Must wear only ghillie suits and be adept at hiding in grass in plain sight and must be surprised when you get shot in the face from someone 400 meters out because you dont understand that the grass youre hiding in does not render for someone that far out. 2) Must never carry a defib since you must refuse to rev your gang mates, even if youre 3 meters away because you refuse to risk one of your 800 load outs. 3) 12 redgulls required to be on your person at all times to use to run away from fights. 4) Must have no greater than a .07 KD ratio, and the bulk of those most be nakeds. If you do manage to get kills in a combat zone, at least 75% of those kills most be your own gangmates. 5) Must love hamburgers 6) Must be able to repeat over and over that youre pushing in to help in a firefight, while your whole gang sees you running the oppositie direction on the map. 7) Must think that flanking an enemy in a firefight, means running in the opposite direction.......(I think youre getting the point) These are a few of the required skills needed. Please tell me theres someone that can fill this role.
  7. LOL, oh stop it Side. You cant game with a bunch of 20 something year old edgelords without expecting them to want to shit in your cheerios when you go psychotic on them. It started off as giving you a hard time for leaving like a little girl, I told you they were just busting your balls. Then you went nuts on them. You honestly thought youre going ballistic on them would get a different reaction? The more you malded, the more you fed the fire. And when DS was trying to do it to us, what did we do about it? We found their shit and blew it up. We didnt cry to an admin about it, we went back at them and had fun with it. WTF do you log into this server for if not to run around fucking with people? Newflash dude, this is a stupid video game.
  8. No, not every restart. We thought it was just fucking around and giving some guys a hard time, but apparently they took it a little more seriously than us.
  9. Thanks for the explanation......again, this isnt me making the complaint. Im trying to make sure that none of our guys catch a harrasment ban for doing it to other people.....because the definition has never been really clear.
  10. You guys have reading issues dont you? I was asking if thats harrasment......because I dont think it is but we are being threatened with a complaint of harrasment for doing that to someone. I am asking, if in fact that is harrasment.....cause everyone does that shit. Im just trying to make sure I dont catch a harrasment ban.
  11. Or better yet, tell me if this is harrasment. Having beef with someone and or their gang, targeting them for robbing and blowing up or burning down their houses on a consistant bases. Cause if thats harrasment, I want half the server banned for blowing up my Athira houses....starting with Donutkiller, Lex and Ronald. Yeah you Ronald.......you sneaky bastard always setting my house on fire and running like a bitch!!!! If we arent exploiting, meta gaming or otherwise breaking the rules, when does it become harrasment versus playing a stupid game on a already toxic server?
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