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  1. n-Game Name Kyler Age 15 Arma Hours(Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/39a67013b97f6e31e4a00de850e048e3 https://gyazo.com/366c80a7710d0a23bb83f311fd3c72c7 Banked Money $1,301,264 Have you ever been Banned? I have never been banned. Current/Past Gangs Neuschwabenland Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak? Yes, I do. What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad? I was playing with a couple ds members and they were really chill. I wanted to find a gang that is very active as I will be playing a lot this summer. I have really enjoyed playing with ds members and I am just looking for people like minded to be in a gang with. I like working together with a group of people and as a team. I started about 3 or 4 weeks ago and have been really active on the server. I have over 1 million dollars and I can support myself financially. I am also playing on the sever either as a medic and a civilian most of the time. I play with a decent amount of ds members and get along with them to.
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