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  1. Announcement: The FSA declare Frini a holy land. @Bilal Battu@Alec-I Prophet Hasan the Muslim has arrived from Syria to declare Frini (Coke Pro), Holy Land of the FSA For there lies the grave of Bilal Battu 🪦 We are at holy war with people who wish to see our Prophet behind bars: - APD - Bounty Hunters - Civilian Cooperators - Any infidel who steps foot inside the holy land of our Prophet FOR THE CALIPHATE, FOR OUR PROPHET.
  2. Prophet Hasan the Muslim is delivered a message from Altis.@Bilal Battu Discord Recruitment Thread: https://discord.com/channels/132299082772250624/1185266311677362316
  3. You haven't burned the crosshair into your retinas yet?
  4. A gruesome warning to cadets and the APD. Cameos by @DipSchmidt@Kircheis@Lars von Bismarck@Gandalf + Tag yourself if I couldn't find your name.
  5. Hopefully we will run into him again... the chosen child... born from Syrian midichlorians.
  6. The FSA met a kid in Sofia... he inspired us. "Gavin, the bastard son of FSA member Al-Ducard, has a knack for collecting skulls."
  7. there will always be a place for you on the news team @Alec-I
  8. You have to be a registered journalist with AAN World News.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm introducing a new character. Gregory Douglas, a reporter with AAN World News. He will also have segments within the Del the Cop Killer twitch stream. Starring: Gregory Douglas and [FSA] Awwab Ra'id aka. @Bilal Battu
  10. Here's another angle, from my stream last night. DAMN the APD for what they made us do...
  11. More updates on that as well tonight my friend. 7pm EST at https://www.twitch.tv/delvegafps See you at the revolution.
  12. Well... https://twitter.com/DeltheGamer/status/783140649289736196
  13. Another glorious victory for our brothers in battle. The kingdom of Syria rejoices in your honor @Bilal Battu
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