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  1. Announcement: The FSA declare Frini a holy land. @Bilal Battu@Alec-I Prophet Hasan the Muslim has arrived from Syria to declare Frini (Coke Pro), Holy Land of the FSA For there lies the grave of Bilal Battu 🪦 We are at holy war with people who wish to see our Prophet behind bars: - APD - Bounty Hunters - Civilian Cooperators - Any infidel who steps foot inside the holy land of our Prophet FOR THE CALIPHATE, FOR OUR PROPHET.
  2. Prophet Hasan the Muslim is delivered a message from Altis.@Bilal Battu Discord Recruitment Thread: https://discord.com/channels/132299082772250624/1185266311677362316
  3. You haven't burned the crosshair into your retinas yet?
  4. A gruesome warning to cadets and the APD. Cameos by @DipSchmidt@Kircheis@Lars von Bismarck@Gandalf + Tag yourself if I couldn't find your name.
  5. Hopefully we will run into him again... the chosen child... born from Syrian midichlorians.
  6. The FSA met a kid in Sofia... he inspired us. "Gavin, the bastard son of FSA member Al-Ducard, has a knack for collecting skulls."
  7. there will always be a place for you on the news team @Alec-I
  8. You have to be a registered journalist with AAN World News.
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