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  1. Resetting everything. So it is pointless to play for a couple of months.
  2. In game Name: Deezii Hours on Arma 3 [Screenshot]: 1170 https://gyazo.com/afe932f53bee1e42223e541aefa14431 Age: 15 (16 in 4 days) Previous gangs: None of Asylum, but a few good ones on another community. Why do you want to be in this gang? I have met a few of the members before on another community, and they seemed pretty good. I have also seen you guys doing quite good in cartels, and I know a lot of you are very experienced. I want to help out with capturing cartels, and being in a gang is the only way to get the full experience of playing on Asylum. The reason why I came to Asylum is because of what is happening on GTA right now. Why should we accept you? I know a few of the members, since I have played with them in gangs or another community. I also have good comms, since I'm always able to keep my mouth shut in combat, and only talk when necessary. I'm a good shot and I have a decent knowlegde of the Arma 3 game mechanics. How often are you on Asylum? I can be on Asylum everyday, for multiple hours a day the next couple of weeks, due to me already having holiday.
  3. Deezii


    Just wanted to say a quick Hi to the community. I hope I will be meeting you lads, so we can have some good roleplay together
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