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  1. You cant call people lil bro just cus you are fat

  2. 544heu


    Go back to the way they were before the latest update regarding smokes, believe it was January.
  3. wow this is great evidence to prove he is not ban evading, writing messages with yourself.
  4. Arms island is terrible. Spawns are a year away from some caps.
  5. The Altis Shipping is completely broken. None of them work even with 15 cops on and the fed event cooldown is off. @Patato
  6. you are already banned off gta after 5 days of there unban, wont be around here much longer
  7. who are you locking on to here through the barn? https://i.gyazo.com/94e9ed64aa27c36859857fcc68d4b7d9.mp4
  8. never cheated lil bro, keep malding
  9. when you go positive on dom you can suggest changes
  10. about 6 years late, sorry lil bro
  11. straight to jail for a bounty over 300k lol thats kinda stupid yo retard there hasnt been one civ update since slick
  12. no one said cops are op buddy, just said all the updates have been for cops and nothing for rebels.
  13. when the domination server is getting more players than the main server except for 1-2 hours at night sometimes, stop pushing cop updates. rebels take up literally 90 percent of the server.
  14. wah wah wah , no proof. you are just awful at the game
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