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  1. In-Game Name: Justin LaFave Age: 19 Timezone: EST ArmA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Estimated Asylum Hours: https://gyazo.com/af1fd5dac6fe49c58e08d1274b29d707 Asylum Hours ( 50hrs) ?! Previous Gang Affiliations: Rubber Duckies (server 4) What can you contribute to Renegade?: Well i'm a pretty damn good shot with weapons I like high cal.weapons. I sound whore like a bitch. Why are you interested in joining Renegade?: Because L1on invited me and its always fun to play with a group. Do you know anyone in Renegade who can vouch for you? (Optional): @L1on
  2. Now this was real spraying.... Plus with a 2-3 shot weapon on full auto spraying I at least aimmed.
  3. That does take effort... I wasn't spraying lmao I was aimming on the people the whole time besides that first guy on the very top lmao I clearly was aimming on them the whole time it didn't matter what I used it still would have cleared it.
  4. The only reason people are going to buy is because COD 4 remastered they should have just done that alone and sold it like they did the halo's.... They are getting smashed so hard right now... People will still buy the new cod just because everyone does and then compares it to other cods... Battlefield will always be better tho.
  5. I think CoD is going to do really badly against BF... It stands no chance... IN my personal opinion Battlefield has always been better than CoD. The only 3 good CoD's were CoD4 Black ops 1 and WaW.... After that they kept getting worse... The jumppack wall running shit is all titantfall bs that wasn't even popular... We like the old shit... and present not this future shit....
  6. You can always record and report the people for breaking rules... then report on the forums that works pretty good.
  7. For a day but to be honest I didn't take anyone hostage I watched them as they did it... They executed a person I never took anyone hostage nor robbed them on this server all i did was shoot people that shot at my gang m8 at the time it was a bounty hunter so I shot'em cuz i thought we were all cool and shit....
  8. Yeah so if you see the gang on server 4 named "Rubber Duckies" yeah they just rob and take people hostage in kaval they'll draw you to there house by shooting guns in there house... WHich is right next to the gun shop... They usually wear wetsuits soo..
  9. What's the point of most topic's posted. If you don't like it you can keep your opinion to yourself personally.
  10. Naa dude it was a sound board and you took it to heart... Lmao you done fucked up kicking me lol You just made an enemy I sat there all day helping you guys with Guns and money ha think i deserved a kick naa m8 i didn't do anything wrong steal from you insult you or anything maybe you should stick to war thunder m8 bc when i'm on the server its not going to be fun for you just don't let me find you m8 i'll stalk you and hunt you down m8
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