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  1. The small update that was made the other month was cool with the cocaine buff and the other things, maybe bring it back every other month (or in between no updates) a temporary buff to something like drugs or something else that only lasts for the month, like a certain thing will be in season. Maybe even more valuable buffs that might only last for a certain time out of the month.
  2. How can I focus on the video when all I can focus on is this very interesting conversation about mac n cheese XD
  3. Just different pinks though some of could be shitty shadowing because my graphics settings are low af and maybe look blotchy XD
  4. Tokyo Drift Inspired Hatchback sport
  5. Finally a montage with dope music that fits the mood (haven't seen me get killed in a montage in a while)
  6. I think I just witnessed someone nitro their tempest into fed and die, and the someone unflipped and died with 2 min left on the server XD rip
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