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  1. I think a different map would be the ideal move especially since it's temporary would be fun to be able to have a new experience for the remaining "temporary" period.
  2. Can we get an "Identity" Server
  3. Selling scotch house has already about 200k worth of scotch that has to be processed to 25 Year and sold. Location : DP3 , Syrta House size : 2 Crater with max inventory and Age barrel.
  4. Looking for the owner of this Garage if anyone know's who owns it, or if looking to sell it. https://prnt.sc/r3ttvf
  5. Will pay for a DP5 Area shed let me know if you have one and willing to sell.
  6. Ign: CashM0NEY Age: 18 Hours: https://gyazo.com/b8c02f2e3ca8968d25c27aaf313091d8 How active will you be: Everyday unless busy Previous Gangs: Tribal , DisbandeD , Vitrous Any members that can vouch: Winchester , Revenant , Kettles , Cougar , Bunni
  7. idk not much because they both are close to each other and have the same uses it just depends what you're into. Mines might be better for crafting, oil cartel, and also good for starting meth runs, while your might be a bit better for getting ephedra only pretty much.
  8. I got DP11 Shed maybe a trade and some cash idk?
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