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  1. 420? https://gyazo.com/1b6de19402bb468b7392cbbd43d773b1
  2. I liked the forums because the actually video has 11 dislikes
  3. I must be at the "best" high school. http://www.cp24.com/news/etobicoke-high-school-evacuated-after-threat-police-say-1.3065283
  4. @Valkyrie +1 but the music wasn't the best choice. Great tage
  5. Snipess


    It's nothing personal https://gyazo.com/31059493b41d61ee318a9236dca671df
  6. Snipess


    Ty bb I would play cs with you but you know
  7. Alright so I was doing a drug runner thing and when i landed I got kicked off by battle eye and I spawned in and I'm underwater stuck in a rock so I just log off and i need the Teamspeak to wait for an admin. ty
  8. Okay, just because you have 1300Hours doesn't mean you play 100% of all of them just saying.You would be surprised
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