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  1. whats your favorite flavor tea?
  2. i ate all of them, even the crumbs left in the box
  3. why are you categorizing me with tox? and your montage was awful, just take it down lol
  4. i hope thats not your haircut in ur picture
  5. message me if youll buy me orcas, ill come fly for you, im bored. best pilot on the server

    1. Peterr
    2. v | Yung Tommy

      v | Yung Tommy

      can confirm shit pilot, will fry your router.

  6. 10+ people in their own quilin was retarded, fights were awful.
  7. Marzoh


    gorilla vs grizzly bear, who wins?
  8. figured the forums were dry with the shitty eazy beats and i got sent some heat
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