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  1. I think you’ve mistaken olympus for asylum in this one.
  2. very good, cant wait for the next one
  3. damn cartels look crazy now
  4. Marzoh

    older gamers

    im buying it, we shall see
  5. Marzoh

    older gamers

    I like to play desktop a lot
  6. travel the world to sell my body
  7. played with a total of 5 fingers today with these new gangs
  8. Marzoh


    Just be happy it’s not crashing/lagging like it was for years. Be patient with the updates. Wouldn’t want them to rush updates and fuck something up
  9. just bc its a public post doesnt mean hes calling someone out. he wanted to see what everyone had to say about their bans, not just ask you a question about "politics" i didnt even know he was talking about you until you commented saying you something about it
  10. we could also have an option where we could build our own houses with the trees we cut down with the axes we buy from home improvement
  11. Hi new player here! If anyone wants to show me the ropes please hmu on MSN messenger. Also I need to be unmodqueued Much appreciated! hope to see you guys on the battle field!
  12. this isnt your first though, your first one had an oval in the middle
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