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  1. imagine still making money on here
  2. i don't get it, people cry for no updates but then complain when there's too much.
  3. Marzoh

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    can i have one
  4. selling my account thats worth $35 for $20, lmk!
  5. That pic I’m not exactly sure what weight I was at but 243 was my highest overall before I started. I think that one I prob was like 220ish and I’m exactly 6 ft That’s the scary part is to maintain. But after I hit below 180 yesterday, makes me even more motivated. And thanks!
  6. thank you and appreciate the advice. I just dont diet because i legit have no idea what to eat lol so i just stick to fast food mainly. i tried meal prepping one week with just strict chicken / rice and it was good for the first few days but eating the same thing over and over again is trash. ive been looking into ordering food that come prepared but i just dont know which is good to get.
  7. thanks for all the good words brothers bulking is like when you eat a shit ton right and then cut? i already lost a lot of weight and was planning to cut right now. yeah bro, i couldnt see people hiding behind rocks, so thats why i bought arma enhancer so i didnt have to try
  8. I was 243 like just under 10 months ago and now i'm at 179.2. My ultimate goal from the start was to get around 175 and then start working on my upper body. I want to get shredded with big muscles and huge pecs, I just don't know how it will go since I don't really have a diet like the tryhards do but I feel like it's going pretty good so far, but I still eat like shit but just usually try to stick to one meal or maybe two a day. If you have any transformation pics, post below! Also, any tips on what I should do now would be appreciated, <-- me ripping heads off in 2016 mid action gameplay picture.
  9. I thought actually didn’t retire though
  10. keep going and youll soon be metro boomin
  11. zero good gangs left, just go play something else.
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