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  1. I'll be glad to send him $3,000 in Asylum Life money just ask him what time and place on server 2.
  2. But when someone makes a report cant any admin see the report? I say that because when i try to see if anybody viewed my report there would be about 10 views and not 1 would reply -____-, Also when it comes to reporting, any admin could just take it and see the evidence right? Cant they just go back to the report in the first place?
  3. Yeah but just like CPT Morgan situation he had to wait the 7 days might as well not even do a ban appeal and not just him but i bet there are others that are in the same predicament. I see no big deal for another admin to take care of that admins decision, especially if the player is proving his innocence with evidence.
  4. Regardless of that, Why is it that we have to wait for the banning admin? why cant any admin decides if someone is innocent or not? and like i said i understand there are hundreds of reports but if there is 1 or 2 admins trying to resolve the problems, then why not just increase your support staff?
  5. I agree, Its ridiculous how the admin team takes their sweet time to resolve issue's! Isn't it their job to fix issues at hand as quickly as possible? I understand there is hundreds of issues at hand but if that is the case why not just bring in more support staff?
  6. Buddy Martinez


    Ohhhh shitt!!!! Ive only done it 3 times but its my favorite!!!
  7. okay! but i want an unbiased opinion, did i get the wrong processor for the price because im still debating on getting a new amd cpu like ryzen or just go to intell, im wondering if i should just change my cpu just for arma cause thats literally the only game i play now "unless half life 3 and gmod comes out cause they have been my favorite series since 2008", and for me i never really suck at a game unless im a newbie in it ( not trying to sound cocky but i've been playing video games since Nintendo was out so yeah at first i suck but eventually i get extremely good at the game if im interested in it).
  8. Okay so i have a question to ask! Well will you be able to kill people long ranges or be better in combat if you have a beast computer, like for me ive been playing for a while and idk if its cause i need more experience in playing the game or just cause i dont have an intell process where i can with good frames. " I have a fx8350cpu with a r9 390 raedon, when i put auto detect i have everyone at ultra!!! But even when i play in single player it still lags like crazy when i but alot of npcs. I bearly know shit about computers only reason why i got this setup it was the best performance for the price!
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