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  1. aussie life also unless you have 2 entire playerbases then having all the overflow go into an altis server will make it a low pop server, but if the overflow went into a smaller island like malden or stratis then the lower population would still have a lot of activity
  2. no more testing for the rest of the year, and all these days off makes me thing we're probably gonna have a 1 week long summer break to make it up fuck school
  3. how the fuck i didnt even see the gun shoot they just dropped dead
  4. OK yield quarry idk i remember getting a fight every time i went up there with my car-95
  5. if people dont want to fight castle drug then dont take the 5 minute orca trip there and lose benefits, thats what happens when ur lazy
  6. This video made me weep. The absolutely beautiful lyrics combined with an Oscar worthy plot made this the best piece of content I've seen in years, and I thought Hentai Samurai 3 was amazing. Something about this underground singer vocalizing better than Whitney Houston and the powerful music video that goes with it gave me emotions I didn't even know I had. You deserve a standing ovation from the entire Gaming Asylum Community, and for that I salute you. Achoo good sir, and god speed.
  7. Got a DP15 120K meth house for sale, listed for 400k
  8. "charge me with fucking your mom in the ass"
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