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  1. you just like everything being handed to you huh
  2. this is the type of shit that makes me go inactive in a gang you all are boring
  3. i skimmed over 1 comment in the last 3 pages and if any of you fucks mention titans go back to olympus fags
  4. i didnt read this but no *edit* waht the fuck
  5. im talking from both sides, i am a cop, i mean cops would get downed every 2 minutes and stripped then killed, and as a civ with experience kidnapping cops with various groups of people, there is very little RP involved.
  6. it sounds nice on paper but in reality if i want to go to kavala im just gonna be plucked off the streets every 30 seconds, sent to my death, rinse and repeat and im not calling anyone out but whenever me and a group of people would kidnap a group of cops, I have only ever seen one roleplay the whole time and didn't demand gear to be dropped / spitting out rules to try and get a gun (talking from civ side now)
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