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  1. Huan Lee

    Chinese players

    absolutely impeccable speech, i am literally in tears from your so controversial yet so brave statements, that should be broadcasted world wide for all to see, thank you for posting this, DAIZHI, you are truly a modern universal hero. o7
  2. whens the next blizzard coming to you?
  3. @Rafael ive been on asylum as long as you and im 4 months away from being 16 can i get an age exception
  4. Huan Lee


    made both of these myself with snap chat drawing i know im amazing
  5. Huan Lee


    True and, yeah that's pretty true, that's true and.. yeah that's true, that's true, that's true, that's pretty true, that's pretty true, i mean... that's true yeah, that's true. Umm.. that's true, that's fucking true. Umm... That's how it is ah hah ha
  6. I don’t know man kind of weiirrd that Mitch makes a thread saying he loves us all 2 hours before Olympus goes down
  7. Don’t you hear yourself? Your saying the servers should merge while simultaneously talking shit about their players, what a way to bind communities
  8. With my experience, merging almost always ends in a dumpster fire, it just turns one community into two sub communities with everyone talking shit and leadership will always argue what’s best because they have to share power now, it’s happened everywhere I’ve gone and will happen here too
  9. well sure it is but i was driven away from olympus the first day i played because of the shit tier community, we have to integrate their toxicity into ours but slowly so we dont scare them to grand theft arma
  10. thats why we have to show that we're a better them
  11. If olympus is gone ( ) can we not be a shit community and give the influx of players a warm welcome instead of camping literally everything in existence to run them into the modded life servers with that retard psisyn thanks
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