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  1. that would be a battleeye thing, unless theres already an animation to do that in the default animations, if there is then it could be turned into a new !e
  2. I want this game because I am a greedy piece of shit who probably deserves it far less than others on this platform. Now, my essay on Hatsune Miku. Levan Polka by the legendary hatsune Miku is the most exquisite piece of film I have ever seen. I can relate to its mesmerizing lyrics from when that one time a animal bit the head off of my pet duck in the dead of the night. hatsune Miku's glorious aesthetic contrasts perfectly with the endless field that turns from spring to autumn. Her hypnotizing dance moves makes me forget where I am, like I am nothing but a spec of matter in the void around her, and she is the universe. My universe. I have been watching this video on loop for 15 minute snow and might I say, this is truly the best piece of filmography/discography I have seen in my short squeaker life. In conclusion, I came 3 times.
  3. me and the boys monopolizing all the garages in kavala
  4. Adaptive Crosshair Pistol V Slugs You missed 13 shots before you hit an EMR who was just standing there
  5. good job mitchell, thanks for keeping asylum thriving
  6. am i the only one who thinks that any form of ben 10 sucks ass

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    2. GravL


      imagine not stanning ben 10

    3. Huan Lee

      Huan Lee

      shut the fuck up gravL

    4. GravL


      your just mad that ben 10 gets more bitches

  7. can you add the lottery to the red burger in kavala square please thats the winning spot
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