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  1. we need to find paratus and make him convice mitch to bring back strife
  2. Hi can the person in charge of adding statistics update them please? I believe there are a few that haven't been added yet and I really would like to know certain unlisted statistics like how far I have cummed, thanks a ton!
  3. ive been hacking for 5 years and ive never been banned
  4. wouldn't expect a cop to be able to handle my heat its all good
  5. will make an apology track in exchange for gape horne to be reinstated
  6. I would like to thank @𝐸 𝒶 𝓏 𝓎 for making the beat
  7. Name one thing you accomplished when you owned Asylum other than a second mortgage
  8. *sniff* you think it took days to make this? thank you so much
  9. im sorry bbnb hurt ur feelwies ;(
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