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Lobster Gun Sales Corp (MK1s, MK200s, and more)

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Selling MK200s, MK1s, Spar-17s, and AK-12s. Pricing is done on a case by case basis, and we offer up to 30 guns per single shipment. We also offer trading arrangements, for items such as rubber, barley, unprocessed cocaine, and crystal meth. If you are interested in making a purchase, please reach out using this google form, and include what price you would be willing to pay, alongside what you would be able to trade in return. Please give a week for all orders over 10 guns, and please be aware that with purchases of the MK200, sales might be delayed slightly as supplies might be short. Please join our discord at https://discord.gg/TCHBTQq

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4 minutes ago, bigjohn561 said:

Gl man. This has been tried many of times.  Some day we will have player shops.

I'm hoping a differentiating factor will be offering the MK200s, and allowing bargaining and trading, allowing people to trade their money making methods for guns, saving them cash. So like cartel fighters who regularly get rubber from the oil cartel will be allowed to trade in thier excess rubber, and meth cookers who get meth can trade it in as well. Another difference is having a non-set price point, allowing players to bargain for better prices.

Will u offer full gear sets? Armour etc...

For now we're not doing armour or even scopes, but hopefully if they make clothes craftable, I will add them.


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