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  1. Congrats Issac now you gotta kneepad your way to admin!
  2. I don't understand why APD still has an application process for getting a promotion its not like there's as many cops on as years prior, I think they should just extend offers to those players that are on often fighting banks and feds with 5 or less cops on (not peak hours/days) and ask if they want to take on the responsibility of the "higher rank", if no then whatever but I can bet most would take that offer. Turn these players into better players, gives them better clothes, higher caliber weapons and can pull Armour. Turn these cops into leaders who can have a better chance at taking down e
  3. Its been brought up a in development aide meeting for a short time and what we were told was that no one was complaining about it so they didn't see a reason to change it, I completely agree that granite B should not stack with carrier lite, next meeting I will voice your concerns and bring up this post in hopes of a change.
  4. Me! But for real, about a full server worth of people at peak hours typically, also depending on the day but since its quarantine, I don't really think the day matters as much for some people unless you're currently working or etc. Also a good amount of cops on daily, the number dwindles toward the night. Find myself spamming to get into the server because max players more often than I would like really. Obviously, numbers have been decreasing but I still find asylum to be fun with the number of current players, not to say we shouldn't have more players but all you can do is impro
  5. Wasn't talking about a drug runner in Kavala, talking about DR5. Anyway I see you talking shit on the forums more than I see you capping cartels so idk big guy.
  6. Stay camping drug runners
  7. Great quality of life update, can't wait for whats in store in the future update's as well!
  8. Congrats, i'm sure you will make asylum proud!
  9. Idk about the whole, "its hard to get blacklisted from the APD" a friend of mine who just became cadet just 2 days ago was already blacklisted for the stupidest reason, he was reported by a civ player he was processing and apparently they thought no constable was around to help the cadet do the processing and he did it solo, which wasn't true multiple constables were on the scene as they just stopped a bank and they were all communicating on teamspeak. He ended up getting 4 points on his second day as cadet for that sole reason and blacklisted for 2 months. He talked to the officer that did it
  10. only good thing about this montage was the music picks.
  11. This post was to show the new staff members and congratulate them, so stop posting stupid drama and take it to another thread.
  12. bro the kid made one stupid play and now he getting flamed from everyone SMH thats crazy. he might be retarded but ya'll telling me you ain't ever do something stupid.
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