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  1. I don't see how that changes anything :p. This isn't a aaa game dev team its a small team programming a server for a game. It's not their job they come home after working full time and spend a majority of their free time trying to improve the server for us and I see 1-2 people giving any sort of gratitude. I get that it's frustrating but they aren't doing asylum for a living.
  2. I feel like the more people shit talk the devs the less inclined they will be to make v2 as good as they can and release it as soon as possible. I know if a bunch of people started shit talking me I wouldn't be in a rush to do things for them.
  3. I think removing them may be a bit harsh and increase the amount of people driving around without any strategy in ifrits but limiting people to only being able to hold 2 rockets at a time (1 in backpack 1 in RPG ) or something along those lines could be a possible solution. Just my opinion, doesn't mean all you people with a different opinion need to attack me for being dumb
  4. How much do you squat is the real question
  5. Do you have a list of the features that won't be immediately re-implemented?
  6. don't listen to this guy idek who he is :/
  7. If anybody would like to join our discord and play with us for a little bit before applying just find an Ultor member in game and text them for a discord link. We do not have strict entry requirements so you will most likely be accepted for applying, we just want some order and people who are willing to put in a slight amount of effort to join. If accepted we will dm you a link to our discord. We will not reply accepted or denied in comments. We recently moved our gang house so if you join in the next day or two (Writing this July 26th) and see very few people in the gang that's why I swear xD Requirements Must be active No hour requirement Willing to follow orders and tactics in combat situations Not toxic(ex. don't trash talk, don't taunt, be respectful to other people and gangs) Financially Stable preferred Must be in Discord while playing, do not need to be in channel with anybody though Application (Copy and paste in comments) In-game name: Age: Arma 3 hours (No minimum but more is good): Previous/Current Gangs: How active are you?: Why do you want to join Ultor?: How many hours do you have on Asylum? You can just put the amount of talent points you have): Additional Info Leaders are myself (Veezara), Adam, and Zought. Text one of us in game if you want more info At the moment we have about 18 members, about half of them are not regularly active though Gang house may move locations at some point, all members will be informed prior to move We try to remain neutral or friends with most gangs, no current major enemies We will still obviously take cartels and fight other gangs but we respect them and hope they respect us back
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