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  1. That was a fake one I think, I was also online at the time
  2. Its not what it looks like I swear
  3. Yea bc the ddosers cant just get the ip from the server browser or this post Im sure thats the reason they did it
  4. #JusticeForBherky that 1h ban traumatized him for life
  5. Veezara


    Problem isn't killing them its getting to rebel to get gear to kill them, I mean their goal is to piss us off and its working so good for them I guess lol
  6. Oh you edited it now I just look silly
  7. 10/10 picture, very informative
  8. then Oops forgot to give you answer but Accepted pm for discord PM for discord so we can have a chat to make sure you aren't retarded
  9. True you never know theyre there until somebody dies either way, I think the issue with the wall thing is that at a cartel they can contest from there and you'll have no clue where they are if they dont shoot and just troll
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