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  1. Add the ability to move the gang house
  2. Any update on plans for strife or any other gamemode? @Jesse Is anything in development?
  3. The amount of cops that solo slam in a hatch or try to crawl under a gate somebody is clearly watching is kind of ridiculous, they don't even have the slightest bit of a strategy a majority of the time
  4. For consistency reasons I have to ask you to post the screenshots to follow format even though you actually have more than 4500 according to mr.bigjohn but if you do that then Accepted
  5. Chanky didn't get permed tho, he just stopped playing for olympus.
  6. You need to worry less about our gang and focus on yours a little bit more. Like I genuinely don't see the reason behind so many people being upset we made a new gang, especially people that never fight or even play anymore. We trying to have fun and play arma y'all need to relax
  7. I didnt update memberlist yet
  8. Requirements Knowledge of Cartels Won't stop playing after 3 days Minimum 1500 hours (Exceptions can be made) Financially stable ***Good Comms*** Vouches are recommended Application Format In-game name : Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : How active will you be per week? (ss of past 2 weeks) : Previous Gangs : NA/EU? : Anyone in the gang that will vouch for you?: *If you don't feel comfortable with applying on the forums feel free to PM @Bherky he's our recruitment guy now Leaders @Veezara @Bherky @operatorjohnny^ Members @EpicTurtle @toasted. @Whitey @Vortex @Renegade (NotRoguePilot) @bigjohn561 @zdeat @Dillon @slix idk his @ @jlang idk his @ This isnt updated yet bc im lazy *Trials not listed
  9. I hope you have a lovely day!
  10. I think progress updates are a good idea to keep the community in the loop but also dangerous because if you say youre working on something and it takes more than a day to get implemented into the server everybody is going to freak out because they dont understand how developing a server that isnt your full time job works. I definitely think an announcement about the ddosing and that there is really nothing that can be done to stop it should be made though so people think youre just not ignoring it.
  11. Get off forums and get in game you bum
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