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  1. I think his concern though, Is they don't get what they gained from it taken away, Even if they are banned for 2 weeks, They still got the money/honor unfairly and still get to retain it
  2. Accepted for trial, Sending you the TS
  3. Lol another update to benefit the cops, make it harder to make money.
  4. @MrGrav1ty Are you chanky?
  5. Keneith

    Bank Shed

    Who owns this? https://gyazo.com/6d6646ad752d5d85e754cfe01dbeb6a0
  6. Lol The amount of times i have died like that... Yet Most of these videos call him a cheater are things that has happened to me time and time again on asylum serrvers.
  7. It has been a hell of a journey. Many years of side chat banter and bans and ripping heads, being called a cheater, and flaming the bad admins with huge egos. Take care Ladies and Gents -Keneith
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