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Ayoo, It's Lightbulb! -u can cringe now-

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💡 Hello! 💡
You either know me, hate me, like me, or love me. Either way, you're here!
I've been around for a while and I've learned a lot from my time and I want to say hello and a little about me.

1) I hate idiots.
2) I have a low tolerance for people who enjoy the pain and suffering of others just to get a kick. (We all do it tho)
3) I usually expect everyone I meet to be having a decent day before I meet them considering nobody deserves to have a bad day and sit in the turmoil that is this fuckshit we call life.

I usually have one goal and that is to make people laugh a lil. Even if it's a chuckle. 
This is often seen as something negative in a society focused around violence, hate, and power struggles. 

I used to believe it was impossible to help people who are so cruel and twisted. -I still believe it- 

If you want to have a source of positivity
(Or I guess some brightness)


Feel free to acknowledge me as your friend.

I don't need your money or your acceptance if I can be sure I have your Respect.

Thank U GIF


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