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  1. i mean its whatever now, never gonna get enough cops on now to do it. ggz
  2. when chopping vehicles you should get a % of the cost of any upgrades. hatchback with processor, handling, nitro, locks etc makes a hatchback worth like 100-120k. if chopped it pays like what 4-6k?
  3. Crossfade

    Rebel camping

    such a wise response ebola.. No
  4. Crossfade

    Rebel camping

    +1 stops the Chinese rats sitting there at night
  5. honestly should kick in once your jail sentence hits 1minute remaining. should be executed at 0 remaining..
  6. why? it means more people can own houses, it can even be a money sink. make it every 1k storage you put into the house cost 500-1mill. The Tax could be higher than normal as i dont really know what the tax is currently i didnt make a comment about it. also think just loggin on to pay tax is complete shit, there should be a play time requirement to keep houses. you could request an Absent request like the apd ranging from 1month to 3 months but only once. if you dont have 20-30 hours a month to play the game why should you have the right to hold onto houses that others could be using?
  7. As it currently stands each player can own 5 houses. This worked very well when we had 4-5 servers. Now we have 1 server and people are struggling to purchase houses. Either having to pay unbelievable amounts or spending hours a day searching with no luck. My suggestion is - raise house storage while reducing max house slots. Each person should be allowed to opt in or out, can either drop house slots or stay at 5. If one decides to opt in but decides to opt out at a later date you have X amount of time to empty anything from said house before its reverted back to original state Examples are done on a 3c. example 1. Player decides to lower his max house slots to 4 allowing him to upgrade all houses from 3000V and 1000P to 7500V and 2500P at a cost of 1million Player decides to lower his max house slots to 3 allowing him to upgrade all houses from 7500V and 2500P to 12000V and 4000P at a cost of 4million example 2. Player has 5 houses with max storage of 3000virtual and 1000physical and decides to drop 1 slot allowing him to upgrade a single house to 7500V and 3000P for free Player has 4 house slots they decide to drop 1 more to get 2 houses with 10000V and 4000P for free. with this more people could own houses, im not sure how allowing houses to hold more virtual and physical storage would affect the performance etc. obviously the numbers are subject to change just a generous example also 1C and 2C would need to be offered at a lower rate.+-
  8. honestly alot of what you said makes sense for once. a lot could be changed for the better, will it? no. good read tho 🙂
  9. honestly kavala too big, athria too small, sofia too far from everything and Nos are aids and will camp it. try pygros.. not too far from decent money makers, i feel like kavala has had its time it was always cancer driving new players away. honestly unless you make houses in towns or at least within a certain distance from dmv/market/hospital not purchasable then there will always be 1 gang who buys up spawn town houses sits in it like rats and shoots everyone from within the house.
  10. Maybe add asylum #2 with mods so anyone willing to download can experience it? could do tanoa or stratis, smaller maps with like 50-75 pop so the server costs aren't high?
  11. servers weight limit has been exceeded...
  12. Best you get grinding cuz ima need at least 300k blood money from you to approve of this feature..
  13. +1 if u send me half of your blood money
  14. That's what a fat person would say. Kidding no banaroni plz
  15. i know.. it was never an issue back then. but then they decided it was against the rules because it voids bohemia's TOS and could get BE removed like when the sports hatch got it removed. edit: pretty sure Olympus got shut down because an admin or one of the owners was selling money. cant remember exactly.
  16. What's buying money idk why your on aboot. Kidding. There's definitely money being sold around the community for sure.
  17. doesn't help when certain admins look the other way when people in their gang are selling money still.
  18. Should have used and abused it back in the day like the rest of us! few of us had 3-4 acc's running at once lul
  19. just dont be fat and over eat u clown
  20. 100% a boss fucking suggestion, would be hilarious tbh... but I see what @.Nathan means by a money printer. Few tweaks ive thought of. maybe adding a 5minute timer between each theft. parts weigh half your inventory, and the tool/s are heavy too. so you can only steal one before selling, Unable to store in houses. If the owner of the vehicle has an alarm/tracker and you try to steal parts then it sends a message to the APD of the location and gives them the ability to track them for the next X amount of time.
  21. Honestly if medics had more to do for money maybe the base pay could be less.. makes standing around doing fuck all trolling in towns makes medic less of a money grind than an actual activity..
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