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  1. Just spend 30k hours to make the money back, it’s working as intended
  2. they already made it not possible to store the jewls, just go camp the warlord.. be a good little rat and camp away all day waiting for people to sell should keep you busy for a few hours.. ezpz stop complaining
  3. until nobody shows up and it dies like it did last time
  4. heard there's hardcore rp servers out there to join.. asylum has always been a fight server lmfao. or maybe they should stop forcing cops to attend every event? go bitch to the captains about it.
  5. fair enough, see a solid answer.. none of this we are tired of back to back events cheers
  6. whats so bad about back to back events? if u wanna roleplay go to a hardcore roleplay server.. asylum has always been about light roleplay and more combat. adding time limits between just reduces the amount of events each restart making it boring.
  7. your dipshit gang member ran him over, you seen him spangled on the rock, you got out and shot him. meaning a VDM ban. Also what @TheCrestedPenguinsaid. but everything is personal
  8. If your gonna keep Ifrits at 250k make it bannable to blow em up with a shed/gates
  9. RPG's used to 1 shot ifrits, people bitched, they nerfed RPG's AND THEN made them cost a fucking fortune... worthless content. Vests i get they were too cheap, 150k-200k is fine for a vest tbh.. 75-80 was too cheap, 250k abit much... Ifrits? ok make them 250k but make them a fucking tank like they used too be, something happened to nerf them idk if it was server side or arma side, feels like your driving a box truck back when you exploded when you hit a bush or fence.. you get tapped by someone doing 10kms and you go boom flying to the sky dead or you blow up, also people can rip you out like your not in an armoured vehicle and driving a Quad bike.. 100-150k per ifrit would of been a much better change. i have no idea who thought going 60-65k to 250k was a good idea for a dying game/ server, i mean shit.. last like what 2 months the servers being getting less and less players on a daily basis. pretty sure i seen the pop at like 12 or 22 last night. at a time it was normally 80+.. BTW if tom agrees with something someone from plague said then clearly its wrong. dude hates us and trys to shit talk everything we say, THAT is the biggest hint its a bad change.. kthanks
  10. Hahahaha fuck off douchebag. Every single one of you clowns lag tremendously for everyone on the server and you expect us not to be laggy for you? Your in a 3rd world looking ass country. Get better internet or maybe get a better government so you don’t require a VPN to play online games so you don’t get arrested and spend 25 years in prison for playing arma 3. Not a single person enjoys fighting you because you lag around like crazy. Fuck off back to your basic or probably even worse advanced training in the military
  11. you and you're gang were slamming planes into people.. enjoy the 1month vacation
  12. Oi @[email protected] did i ask for this clowns opinion? i dont remember asking, Do you?
  13. Get yo ass up at 3am or whatever the fuck time it is for you and fight it. might have to catch it next month after your 25 day. GL though
  14. Tbh another wouldn’t be so bad, but north west of athria a few kms out would be better, that location is too close to the others.
  15. not worth 5mill xD cant spawn there when oils there making it pretty much useless 50% of the time
  16. Make it so a Rank 2 and 3 can request gang house repairs and they pay the fee. Its cancer when the leader isn't on and someone blows it up.
  17. +1 even more of a reason medics not to come revive.
  18. at least make them weigh 1-2kgs and let us steal peoples fuel with it xD
  19. Yeah im not clicking that lmfao... gg
  20. thats becuase your connection is so fucking trash. every people i play with who has 15-60 ping sees you floating in the ground, rubber banding all around.
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