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  1. pretty sure this is @Jesse every time he sees a new thread asking for shit to be fixed
  2. "dont even know what genre it is" I do... Its called Trash Jks.... But what he said, Stop
  3. can already see someone getting a message Dance or die xD
  4. Ever tried playing Asylum? heard its a good game xD
  5. Yeah i read that.. but with "One major game-play change to highlight is the working relationship between the APD and AFD especially around federal events." makes it seem like the AFD will prioritise the APD over civs. and if they revive civs are they going to be shot/detained by the APD? i mean its a firefight after all..
  6. Nice job! finally something we all asked for coming to altis xD Edit: Oh i just read that the apd and afd are working together, so white listed medics will be reviving cops at feds/banks and not civs?
  7. I dont like the new like button xD xD xD
  8. what a shitty name for a gang, who calls their gang toxicity?? shitters
  9. who are you again? oh wait, i forgot... Nobody cares xD
  10. they killed rag ANNNNNNNNND Onyxia before the first week was over... thats 40 lvl 60's in 5 days.... the world first 60 had his brother play while he slept, your telling me 40 people also did this? xD shits intense
  11. just hit lvl 31 on my pally, Queue times are super aids if you dont prepare for it and because i play on a US server i get up at 2-4am log into wow or my queue is 8000+ and it takes me 4-10 hours to get in... even getting up at that time i still get a 2000-4000 queue...so i get up login go to the gym for a hour or two, come home do a few chores and by the time ive done that its you know 6-7am and im in game. either find a server with low pop or be prepared to wait
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