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  1. Favourite part was the last 25 seconds

  3. i dont even play much anymore but i think its a good idea.. that shit happens too often, Either remove tower, or make it despawn after 2-3minutes if its not travelled outside of the chop shop area. (also could be a APD policy update allowing officers not to attend if its just a camp and kill) but if it starts moving they must attend. the policy update obviously gives Sgt+ more things to keep track off. removing tower making the whole area harder to defend will defiantly reduce the camp and kill events.
  4. Great idea, No viable. will never get implemented unfortunately. A+ for effort.
  5. Maybe could be cool only having night time be given every 2nd or 3rd restart OR it could be coded to skip a cycle in every restart (obviously there's a timer for day/night. maybe it could randomly jump from 17:00 (night start) to 09:00 (day start) im not sure how easy it could be to code for it to be random. but that would make every restart different. some might get 5 nights some might get 1 or none.
  6. you mean support? maybe if these cunts did more people wouldnt go without responses.
  7. working as intended....
  8. can confirm, Admin menu is kinda shit. fuck all options
  9. How dare you call this peanut brain sir.. it's either ma'am or fuckwit. Best you chose wisely next time 🤣
  10. Other gangs made new gangs to take the fort as well Or to fight with the main gang and have more people in the zone. We made the new gang because a new recruit took a turf. We had no advantages like the other gangs who were putting more than 8 in the zone.. They never had it removed.. only hyper. You on the spot banned some of us for low key not even ban worthy shit mid fight which made us lose fights. Just overall petty shit to give your own guys advantages
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