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  1. if you want to wipe your player base go ahead xD As mentioned above, add a house tax. maybe like 2-3k per house per day and if you dont log on at least once a week and pay it the tax gets higher and higher (1mill max) or until the bank takes your house and you lose everything in it. But wiping this kind of server will kill it for sure. might have 10-20 people daily but it wont be successful like it has been.
  2. if you bitch about money then dont fight on the domination server? ezpz
  3. lets just go backwards and use Ventrilo
  4. like 3 months ago i kidnapped someone, put them in a hatchback with my afk friend and when it fell and all of a sudden i seen his name top right of the map xD funny shit
  5. maybe if it didnt take 40 odd bullets would of been good
  6. 3c fully upgraded across the street from drug dealer.
  7. 10/10 aim, should not be banned due to godlike flying abilities
  8. Should honestly remove all armour and guns. Make RP great again
  9. take it to a drug dealer, sit there for 20minutes trying to process, get shot, rage a bit, then repeat
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