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  1. someone apply to make this gang active plz
  2. i might just be retarded but that scope looks hella zoomed in how you do that?
  3. who was flying in the last clip best pilot ive ever seen
  4. bump need more members for the kavala unit
  5. Is it possible to be APD and AFD?
  6. GravL

    Work Hai

    welcome to Asylum
  7. Nice one brother also learn how to cut out the annoying ass intro to the songs mong
  8. good times wasnt me tho @Dick Romney
  9. https://plays.tv/video/5d816df62ecb255bb8/autolock selling cheats hmu jk dont ban plz
  10. GravL

    V2 is poppin!

    No bh is still gone
  11. Best player in toxicity
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