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  1. wow you were able to kill people sitting in a seat congrats ig?
  2. This was kind of already suggested, except it was suggested to make fentanyl makeable by taking heroin to purification. If this is implemented in any way, it would probably be that instead of revamping the entire drug, but most likely isn’t gonna happen there’s much better ways to make money I doubt many people would run heroin to puri
  3. GravL

    Selective fire

    its already muscle memory to double tap f for most people, this would fuck over more people than it would help plus i think its an arma thing ive never played somewhere where this is possible
  4. we haven't really been on here since February, should look for another gang
  5. Close second to the face cam @Steveputs on any time he’s in discord
  6. Support? You mean glorified discord roles? Old support team was good, but they’re mostly mods now, or at least the support that actually helped is, and the new team is ASS A S S
  7. This could be as simple as a mentionable discord role, or even something in game like a variation of the 911 system. I've seen quite a few people asking questions in discord, with not too many people answering them. might be time to look into community support for them rather than administrative support
  8. I was ready to say you glazing the nigga but happy to be proved wrong W video
  9. Now that you mention it, there was some debate on whether or not it was even possible. Some people didn’t think so, some did. Shit was so long ago though that I could be remembering it wrong, maybe the shed wasn’t repaired or there was a medic online.
  10. And what’s your excuse for when both of our gangs broke server rules? You guys blew up our shed, cool. We blow up yours. We admittedly get someone to get on medic to fix it, then you ban them. Fair. But then, somehow, your shed is repaired? With no medics online? Abuse of power if I’ve ever seen it. Gave your gang an advantage with that spawn point, while completely fucking us.
  11. This is objectively wrong sir, I have very very few bans in my 8 years and I’m ecstatic
  12. Good thing we never claimed to be god tier players
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