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  1. Due to Envy losing their cheaters, we haven't had any engaging fights We even fell asleep! Apply today for a nice place to take a nap
  2. Apply today, the zerg is almost in full effect! we just need YOU!
  3. may be wrong, but im pretty sure the bank payout no longer goes off of uptime, but now goes off of how many cops are online
  4. As far as i know, there is very little to no reward for cops if they disable drill, you get more of a reward if the vault opens and you sieze the money. what about making it so that if you disable drill, however much money would've spawned is instantly split between cops in a 2km radius. just seems redundant to get more of a reward if the robbers succeed.
  5. [•1•] Ingame name Desync Demon GravL.[•2•] Age Desync[•3•] Discord Demon[•4•] Hours available weekly GravL...-[Ingame Information]-[•5•] Arma 3 hours played Desync demon gravl[•4•] Current Asylum money gravl[•5•] How would you rate your gunplay skills in Arma 3? desync-y[•6•] Have you been in a gang? If yes, list them. yes[•7•] Have you ever been in the AFD desync demon gravl[•8•] Have you ever been in the APD desync demon gravl[•9•] Why do you want to join the KPD? desync demon gravl
  6. But why, what effect does this have on Lebrons legacy?
  7. hey pal we're active stop spreading misinformation
  8. @[email protected] you heard the man, Jamie's busy with irl shit though
  9. Lock plz, this gang no longer exists
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