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  1. chief your gonna want to copy and paste that app here good luck!
  2. Mxms? From captains? You got that wrong it’s corporal+, not too rare
  3. face off lobbies are easy
  4. Well you did post this around 7-8 AM EST kavala is always dead around then
  5. Yo bro your gonna wanna copy and paste that into this thread, I doubt they’ll see this much less recruit you from it
  6. GravL

    hella bad

    idk why you expected any all vids are unlisted hit up my tik tok tho
  7. Give me rank 2 and I’ll put your name on the map
  8. GravL

    hella bad

    went in ghost mode past few months havent played anything but we back
  9. Hope you don’t plan on keeping the tag gl
  10. wait you guys don’t spawn with debit cards? thats tough
  11. GravL

    cop age

    I don’t play anymore so go ahead and blacklist me been a cop since I was 14, was Corp at 16, lied about my age multiple times and even forged a birth certificate. (Sorry @DarkKnight)According to the APD I’m 20 about to be 21 but nah I’m 18 its been fun asylum really played y’all tho
  12. Actual humans? Wait, so they’re not AI?
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