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  1. If civ count is unreasonably low for a fed, 5 or below for example, toggle parole trackers on them
  2. First offense: 1d ban second offense: 3d ban third offense: 1w ban and when they return, they’re unable to own a BH license, making them essentially blacklisted from the “faction”. (If possible)
  3. Oh so y’all love the guy when HEFKNLOVES something normal but just you wait for the harassment when bro tries to remodel meth and is IFKNLOVEMETH
  4. These type of videos don’t happen any more, we need them back
  5. Honestly, after seeing your van review video, I feel this situation could’ve played out in your favor if you were instead in a van. Could fit more of those imperium criminals in it, makes your story more believable
  6. I feel like what you’re going for here is a secondary currency (obviously), but blood money is also a thing already. It’s not a bad idea to mix run-based money with something like that, but it’s also very hard to. Some could argue blood money isn’t useful, they never have enough to afford anything useful. And that’s perfectly okay, they’re not fighters. But some (more tbh) people could also argue that if you want to do runs for money, it wouldn’t be worth the time and effort to add a new system when it’s likely your play style doesn’t require potentially constant big purchases, such as multiple orcas, ifrits, vests, etc. the normal money making methods and currency are more than enough to keep you satisfied. My best guess is blood money was added to reduce the money spent by fighters, giving them the option to use another currency that is also gained basically passively. After all, when you get on and purely go for fights, money can drain VERY fast. “Normal” players really have no need for that secondary option.
  7. I’m watching a yt video rn where some guy has literally convinced the last 3 bosses to just kill themselves so might just have to get it tbh bro also is naked and is swinging the black hammer so gets +3 charisma yeah I’m getting this
  8. This was already a thing years ago and got removed, with the new system I don’t think this will be added as the new system is much easier. and if it’s unstorable or unbankable, what’s the point of it? Assuming you drop it when you die as it’s a Y item, it seems redundant to spawn, do a run of cash, and then do what you actually want to do. Especially if it’s worth half the price of regular money, I don’t think it would be used often if at all
  9. Looks like it has a good story and a lot of cool features, but the camera, movement, UI, etc throws me off tbh. I’ve only enjoyed one game that played like that, dragon age inquisition and even then I had to start it like 3 or 4 times before I finally got interested
  10. +1 simply because this nice fella seems very interested in honey, and makes me also interested in honey
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