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  1. too busy getting these dubs in warzone ill come back soon™
  2. GravL

    How do you sleep?

    used to have a tv on, now i either just sleep in darkness, or have something on my phone
  3. n1 gamer half my gang got montaged in the first 30 seconds lmao
  4. GravL

    ifritmitch Steam ID

    i’ll give you @Kareem Kintes nudes
  5. corporal+ already have it
  6. send ts think it’s time to get back into arma
  7. GravL

    I'm back boys

    welcome back brother purge v2?
  8. turns out i was recording in 720p, not 1080 my b next one will be in 1080
  9. hence the “shitty cod montage” title just wanted to throw something together for fun, literally got these clips in 2 days and clipped anything i thought was remotely decent let’s fix that and get an invite to the regiment
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