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  1. https://i.gyazo.com/b246ea9b90546bf0da9a56e7a1cdacb1 Forever looking down at us, rest easy brother
  2. Pretty sure there was something like that once upon a time, at least the ability to set bounties, kind of like rebels version of bounty hunting, I’m sure it was removed for a reason
  3. It’s fr been 2 days and only a 250k bid? damnnnn tiger house woulda sold out fast asf and for 10x that a year or 2 ago. Unfortunate
  4. I agree, I remember logging in back in 2016 spawning kavala, and the streets were filled, many gangs were there instead of almost exclusively farmersville. There was much more interaction and situations you could get yourself into that just aren’t possible when pop is low on top of one gang pretty much owning the town. This is only for kavala of course, but kavala is the town that any new player would be most attracted to imo.
  5. Nobody really plays rn but I’ll send you discord since you were in fsk
  6. Or the devs aren’t your personal assistant and don’t care if it’s an inconvenience to you to stop in a town. Over a knife. Lol
  7. ? i switch from rebel to BH all the time, never have to switch talents at all. its so much easier than it was before
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