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  1. In-game name: GravL... Age: 18 Hours in Arma 3: 3,467 Wealth[Money]: 1 mill Previous Gangs: Space force, stellar, requiem, La familia, toxicity, etc Why we should accept you: i dont play just think itll look good in the sig Member who can vouch for you :
  2. Guess your couch doesn’t vouch for you damn GL
  3. If only you waited a few hours before making this post
  4. The reason there’s less than 10 KOTH servers is because nobody boots up fivem to play koth, waste of time and resources imo. Yeah it might be a bit easier to grow on a koth server because it’s way less popular, but it’s way less popular, and you lose anyone in this community who would have liked an rp server, and I think quite a few people would play that, so you lose out on a big player base.
  5. If there’s not a discord or teamspeak or anything for the gang for you to be able to contact them, or your not in it, why are you in the gang? Why is the gang a thing? @Mitch (IFRIT) should disband doesn’t sound properly led to me
  6. bro you come back and check this thread like its a job application fr chill it really isnt that serious
  7. Idk why I still waste time watching these
  8. GravL


    I'm getting ego'd by a bbnb fanboy LMAO I don't expect you to know me you've been here less than a year, my playtime is longer than how old your forum account is, your a baby to asylum, but by all means come at me with your ego when you get into a good gang.... Ill wait
  9. GravL


    imagine your gang having such a bad rep that even just an average callout is seen as "good" ripping thru the wall had nothing to do w the callout except an approximate location that was luck
  10. Late to the party chief smh this is why I need support @Mitch (IFRIT)
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